What exactly is Color Temperature? Know Cool and Warm color for your Home

What exactly is Color Temperature? Know Cool and Warm color for your Home

Colors in interiors have powerful impact on the house as colors are a form of energy which reflects the energy hot or cold energy absorbed accordingly. So, before you decide to paint your home with a color scheme its better to understand the color temperature concept.

Color temperature can be easily understood by looking at the color wheel used to select the color scheme of paints for the interiors. The color wheel contains 2 parts consisting of warm color tones and cool color tones.

Warm Color Tones: The warm color tones include colors such as red, yellow and green.

Cool Color Tones: The cool tones include red to violet colors.

Whilst choosing a color scheme for your home’s the basic science that needs to be kept in mind is to choose warm colors to draw attention and to choose cooler color tones to make the interiors appear more large and spacious.

While choosing the warm and cool colors for your home it is necessary to pay attention to fade the line between warm and cool color schemes carefully. As the color scheme must flow seamlessly throughout the home so consider the adjoining rooms, light source and size restrictions of every room.

Color Selection –

 Every room reacts to natural light differently so choose warm colors such as shades of red to yellow with northern natural light source to balance the colors and light.

In rooms with southern light source, people have the flexibility of choosing warm and cool colors tones both for their homes. So, choose colors like light blue to mint green for your walls and choose red to dark tones in paint for the walls.

Rooms with eastern source of light choose warm colors such as yellow to reds to add more warmth to the room.

Rooms with western source of light mostly have evening light which makes the room more warm and beautiful. So choose warm colors to make the rooms more intimate.

So now that you are well briefed with the concept of color temperature and how to use different warm and cool color tones for different corners of your home, go ahead and paint your home with the color you most prefer.