7 Indoor Pools that Looks Stunning

Everyone has a dream of living a luxurious life. Luxury includes latest cars to spacious mansions. If you were to become a millionaire, the first thing you might need is a mansion with an indoor pool. Have a look on these luxurious pools.

1. The indoor pool really looks like it is from a cruise ship. The lighting, design in the ceiling, the column and stair-level, the hardwood floors which are contrast to the blue water, chairs, and lounges from the beach creates a pleasant environment.


2. Do you want both the indoor and outdoor pool? Then no need to design two pools. Just make your ceiling look like the sky.


3. The perfect lighting increases the beauty of shape and color of the pool. The balcony railings reflect the shape of the pool itself.


4. The pool looks luxurious and modern with white couches to the placement in the room. The pool is the focus of the room with a large space and open layout.


5. This pool allows you to look out over the ocean and watch the sunset. No sand in your toes or hauling beach chairs. You can enjoy the beauty of nature from your indoor pool.


6. The design elevates the room with columns and ceiling. It also provides a beautiful escape with the windows at the end and light color palette.

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7. This pool contains double feature that is an indoor pool and a hot tub Jacuzzi. The white and neutral color palette increases the color of royal blue of the Jacuzzi lights.



Stunning Transformations: 11 Interior Designs For Your Home

1. This house looks best with the nook that allows the readers to lie down with a beautiful view. The simple design, unique shape offers a remarkable view.


2. This chandelier is a must if you love the scare. The intricate webbing and tree design looks scary when you switched on. You will go deep into the woods.


3. The fireplace and the exquisite rock design is new height of inspiring perfection. From its groundwork to its greatest height, the place looks beautiful and unique.


4. The room looks traditional when the lights are on. But see once after lights are off, it brings inspiration and exploration. The theme of the room comes to life.


5. Here the table design is really unique. A crafted piece of glass fills the gap between two beautiful pieces of woods to create a modern look.


6. The colourful glass window gives a very attractive look. The small colored squares will reflect on the staircase due to sunlight creates a beautiful look.


7. Extra storage is required for every house. This design gives you more than enough space for storage in a different way. The staircase is utilized than anything in the house.


8. This room gives you a feel that you are sitting behind a big clock of the Big Ben tower in London. Everyone wants to spend at least some time in this place.


9. It seems like the tree is growing into the room. The staircase to the room above is the best hiding place and the room can be the private place.


10. This is the most relaxing and peaceful place with a sunk-in floor and plush seating. The bookshelves lining the room near the ceiling and the outside garden looks beautiful.


11. There is only one way to get into the other room that is by crossing this hallway that has a glass door. The floor adds a beauty by offering a sneak peek into the water.


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9 Modern Bathroom Designs

1.  You can relax in a bathtub looking a mountain view. The ceiling is the focal point. It is with gold fabric with massive chandelier hangings.


2. It is one of the unique bathrooms with a lime green color palette. The inset yellow lighting and the chandelier hanging makes the room bright. The green rug and the green tiles complete this unique bathroom.


3. The black colored tiles, bath tub, racks look attractive with a red colored chandelier hanging. It creates stunning effect throughout the room.


4. This room is so spacious with shower enclosed by the glass walls and anchored by the stone tile. From the tile and tub to chandelier hanging, we love everything in this room.


5. This bathroom feels like a Zen garden by its simple design. The bamboo-lined walls with dark cabinetry and white counter tops and top-mounted white sinks give a decent look.


6. The beautiful gold and white combination gives the unique look to this bathroom. The fixtures, chandelier hanging, dark flooring, natural lighting through the window complete this luxurious bathroom.


7. No doubt, it is a bathroom, not a grand palace. The tiled walls, massive square tub, natural lighting, the gold columns, white marble surrounding the tub which is with flowers gives a unique look.



8. Purple is the color likely to be used by young or teenage girls. This purple color palette creates a modern and beautiful design. Light wood flooring and a white bathtub gives a good feel.


9. This bathroom is just like a big Italian villa with its stone design, windows, and dark cabinetry. The room is expansive with unique architectural colors and the wall-length cabinetry and sitting area between three windows are really comfortable.





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Re-organize Your Garage- Tips

Re-organize Your Garage- Tips

TipsTipsProperly reorganizing the garage is a vital element of many home remodeling projects. But, it is essential that you keep some salient points in the mind, while going ahead with the garage reorganization. Well, now look at some important related tips; they will of great help to you.

  • Mudroom: Allot a small corner of the garage to be used as the mudroom. People can take out their footwear at this mudroom, before walking into your home. You can also put a tray for the soiled footwear.
  • Tool cart: Make it a point to include a tool cart in the garage. All the tools can be accommodated on the cart and as a result, you will have lot of floor space.
  • Used kitchen cabinets: Do not even think of throwing away used kitchen cabinets, as they will of great use in the garage. You can store many garage items in these cabinets and this again enhances the spaciousness of the place.
  • Athletic balls cage: It will be great if you can a get an athletic balls cage for the garage. The cage accommodates footballs and basketballs, which otherwise tend to keep rolling around and causing inconvenience. The balls can easily be taken out from the cage, as and when required.
  • Platform storage: Just install a platform at a slight elevation in the garage and, you will be pleasantly surprised with the convenience that it enables. You can store the seasonal things that you do not use regularly, on the platform. With this, the garage obviously becomes more spacious.

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Make Your Home Safe for the Pets- Key Guidelines

Make Your Home Safe for the Pets- Key Guidelines

Many people who own pets commit the fundamental mistake of ignoring their canine/feline friends’ safety and comfort during their complete remodeling projects. It is imperative that you renovate the place also from the perspective of this crucial angle: Pet safety.

Here, you will read about some important guidelines, which will make your home safer for the pets.

  • Step into the pet’s shoes: Yes! You have to rest on the floor in the crawling posture, carefully look around and try to identify the possible hazards. Try to pinpoint things that can choke/electrocute/suffocate the pets and immediately remove them.
  • Plants: It must be noted that some plants like aloe vera, amaryllis and lilies can endanger the very life of your pet. Be careful to select only those plants that are pet-friendly.
  • Specific pet place: If you give your pet a specific place for its own use, it will have no need to venture out elsewhere and imperil itself. Create a place with toys, a small bed and water. The canine/feline will then automatically keep itself away from areas having toxic substances.   
  • Fences and structures: When you want to allow the pet/s to play around the yard, make sure that you build some required fences/structures. This is necessary to keep them protected.
  • Bird cages: If the pet is a bird, its cage must be away from the window to ensure that they don’t see their predators and get scared. Also, do not keep the cage in your kitchen, as the noxious fumes from the stove can damage their tender respiratory system.

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Dining Area in a Small Kitchen

Dining Area in a Small Kitchen- Creative Ideas for You

A trend is now in vogue among many homeowners having small kitchens. Well, they are adding dining space to the kitchen! Why should you be left behind? You will be mesmerized with the enhanced look of the place following the above change.

Here, you have some creative ideas as to how you can include the dining area when carrying out kitchen remodeling.

  • Modify the island: Just transform the small island in your kitchen into a sitting area and, you will be amazed with the positive difference that it makes!
  • Table of floating style: If you are keen to include a dining area in the kitchen, you have to get a table of the floating style! This table comfortably accommodates four people and, it also provides plenty of leg space below. Also, it occupies very little space of the kitchen.
  • Steel stools: Get small-sized stools that can conveniently be kept on top of one another, when not in use. You can very easily pull them out before sitting for a meal.
  • Wall-mounted table: This denotes as being one of the best things that you can do, when adding dining space in the kitchen. The wall-mounted table can easily be folded back soon after the meal and this obviously does not compromise on the kitchen’s roominess.
  • Pan racks: It is of utmost relevance that you go for the correct pan racks. When you choose vertical pan racks, it becomes easier for you to access the pans and also, the floor space is not consumed.

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A Wonderful Spring Garden-

A Wonderful Spring Garden- The Pride of Your Home

When you are using exteriors remodeling services, as a part of your home renovation project, you can add a lovely spring garden in the yard.

This definitely will enhance the overall attractiveness of the home! People cannot help noticing your abode even from a fair distance. Well, just have a look at some unique spring garden ideas

  • Grasses: Have a thick layer of grass in the garden. It will effectively create the illusion of a water body being present there, more so when the weather is windy! The garden will then become a synonym for the term “beauty!”
  • Conventional fence: It is better to have a conventional fence for your spring garden. This is because; this type of fence nicely contrasts the various flowers and plants that are there! You have several options in the market, when it comes to selecting the right fence.
  • White flowers: Make it a point to choose at least few plants that come with white flowers. This particular color (white) perfectly matches with almost everything that is there in the garden. You will just be enchanted with the feel of the serene surroundings!
  • Suitable plants: You will be greatly helping yourself when you opt for plants that are suitable for the climate of the place you reside. These plants contribute to the soil, water and the air in their own way.
  • Succulents: Do not underestimate the significance of having succulents in the pots adorning the spring garden. Use the succulents in place of regular flowers and they will invariably become the center of attraction for anyone walking around the place.

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Unique Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Unique Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen remodeling can be a fairly challenging task, if you are not aware of the proper redesign ideas. But, once you are fully knowledgeable of these ideas, it won’t be too long before your renovated kitchen becomes a matter of pride for you!

Just have a look at some of these innovative remodeling ideas.

  • Go for open shelves: If you want to make your kitchen to appear more spacious, it is imperative that you go for open shelves. In this context, the upper cabinets are best avoided. In fact, you can mount the shelves at the same height as that of the cabinets.
  • Get new appliances: Getting new appliances is an important element of kitchen remodeling Here, please note that if you opt for appliances supporting energy efficiency, it well be of even more help.
  • Use combinations: Yes! When you combine concrete, wood and metal in the redesign work, your kitchen will get the stylish look that conforms to the contemporary urban trends. You will be simply amazed with the difference that this combination brings about to the place!
  • Wallpaper: It is an excellent idea to include a wallpaper that perfectly matches with the general ambience of the kitchen. For instance, if your kitchen is small, you can then go for a wallpaper having shades of blue and silver.
  • Contrasting colors: You will be adding magnificence to your kitchen, when you choose contrasting colors/shades. As an example, if the cabinets are of brown color, opt for white-colored floors and countertops. You will be then awestruck with the beauty of the place!

Services of an expert are indispensable for remodeling your kitchen. And here, you can safely count upon Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc, a leading name in the home remodeling sector. The company, owned by Mark Besnos, is backed by a proven record of perfectly executing numerous home remodeling projects.


Remodeled Bathroom- A Heavenly Feel

Remodeled Bathroom- A Heavenly Feel

A perfectly remodeled bathroom invariably gives you a heavenly feel! It is a vivid reflection of your sense of style!

But, it is imperative that you keep certain vital aspects in mind, before initiating the redesign work. And, it is about these very aspects of bathroom remodeling that you are now going to read!

  • Accent tiles: If you are keen on creating a blissful ambience in the bathroom, do not forget to go for accent tiles. The pattern of the accent tiles should be contrasting with the color of the walls. The fact that this enhances the aesthetic appeal warrants no special mention.
  • Lighting fixtures: Do not underestimate the significance of lighting fixtures, during redesign of your bathroom. You will be simply amazed with the magnificent appearance of the place, thanks to these fixtures.
  • The bath vanity: Opt for a latest bath vanity, which comes with both the sink and also the cabinets.
  • Walk-in showers and big tubs: Nowadays, walk-in showers and big bathtubs are extremely vital elements of almost all bathroom remodeling Then, why should your bathroom be an exception to it?
  • Bathroom resembling a spa: When space is not a constraint for you, then you can get the bathroom redesigned to resemble a spa. Here, you have the options of including makeup vanity, television and fireplace, etc. Would that not be wonderful?
  • Water-resistant tiles: It is of utmost relevance that you choose water-resistant tiles for your bathroom. In this context, tiles made of marble, ceramic and stone would be of great help.

Your dream bathroom is not that far from you, as an expert remodeler, Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc is very near to you.

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Home Remodeling- Focus even on Exteriors

Home Remodeling- Focus Even on Exteriors

Many people feel that, when it is the question of home remodeling, one needs to focal chiefly on the interiors. This is an erroneous view! You have to understand that the remodeling of exteriors is as important as that of interiors, if not more.

After all, when someone walks towards your home, it is the appearance of the exteriors that first catches their attention. Here, you will read about a few unique ideas of exterior redesign, which are of immense value.

  • Proper design: When you prefer to give your home an ancient look, opt for styles such as Queen Anne, Victorian and Colonial Revival, to name a few. Likewise, if you prefer to follow the latest trends, you have patterns like art deco and Prairie style, etc. Be clear about your choice.
  • Right materials: This is another important element of redesign of exteriors. If you want your home to have a traditional look, ensure that the materials being used are comprised mainly of wood shingles and bricks. Similarly, go for metal sliding and stone to give the place a modern appearance.
  • Outdoor living room: When you add an outdoor living room to your home, you will be enchanted with the beauty of the place! This living room must have furniture made from wood as well as a wooden ceiling.
  • Porch remodel: Appropriate redesign of the porch is among the most significant aspects of remodel of exteriors. Exercise utmost care while choosing the porch design that perfectly blends with the overall look of the exteriors.

Your search for reliable exteriors remodeling services ends the moment you first contact Mark BesnosHorizon Construction & Remodeling Inc. The committed team of Horizon guarantees you flawless services! They will redesign the exteriors in such a way that people will not fail to notice your home even from some distance!