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What exactly is Color Temperature

What exactly is Color Temperature? Know Cool and Warm color for your Home

Colors in interiors have powerful impact on the house as colors are a form of energy which reflects the energy hot or cold energy absorbed accordingly. So, before you decide to paint your home with a color scheme its better to understand the color temperature concept.

Color temperature can be easily understood by looking at the color wheel used to select the color scheme of paints for the interiors. The color wheel contains 2 parts consisting of warm color tones and cool color tones.

Warm Color Tones: The warm color tones include colors such as red, yellow and green.

Cool Color Tones: The cool tones include red to violet colors.

Whilst choosing a color scheme for your home’s the basic science that needs to be kept in mind is to choose warm colors to draw attention and to choose cooler color tones to make the interiors appear more large and spacious.

While choosing the warm and cool colors for your home it is necessary to pay attention to fade the line between warm and cool color schemes carefully. As the color scheme must flow seamlessly throughout the home so consider the adjoining rooms, light source and size restrictions of every room.

Color Selection –

 Every room reacts to natural light differently so choose warm colors such as shades of red to yellow with northern natural light source to balance the colors and light.

In rooms with southern light source, people have the flexibility of choosing warm and cool colors tones both for their homes. So, choose colors like light blue to mint green for your walls and choose red to dark tones in paint for the walls.

Rooms with eastern source of light choose warm colors such as yellow to reds to add more warmth to the room.

Rooms with western source of light mostly have evening light which makes the room more warm and beautiful. So choose warm colors to make the rooms more intimate.

So now that you are well briefed with the concept of color temperature and how to use different warm and cool color tones for different corners of your home, go ahead and paint your home with the color you most prefer.


Re-organize Your Garage- Tips

Re-organize Your Garage- Tips

TipsTipsProperly reorganizing the garage is a vital element of many home remodeling projects. But, it is essential that you keep some salient points in the mind, while going ahead with the garage reorganization. Well, now look at some important related tips; they will of great help to you.

  • Mudroom: Allot a small corner of the garage to be used as the mudroom. People can take out their footwear at this mudroom, before walking into your home. You can also put a tray for the soiled footwear.
  • Tool cart: Make it a point to include a tool cart in the garage. All the tools can be accommodated on the cart and as a result, you will have lot of floor space.
  • Used kitchen cabinets: Do not even think of throwing away used kitchen cabinets, as they will of great use in the garage. You can store many garage items in these cabinets and this again enhances the spaciousness of the place.
  • Athletic balls cage: It will be great if you can a get an athletic balls cage for the garage. The cage accommodates footballs and basketballs, which otherwise tend to keep rolling around and causing inconvenience. The balls can easily be taken out from the cage, as and when required.
  • Platform storage: Just install a platform at a slight elevation in the garage and, you will be pleasantly surprised with the convenience that it enables. You can store the seasonal things that you do not use regularly, on the platform. With this, the garage obviously becomes more spacious.

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Make Your Home Safe for the Pets- Key Guidelines

Make Your Home Safe for the Pets- Key Guidelines

Many people who own pets commit the fundamental mistake of ignoring their canine/feline friends’ safety and comfort during their complete remodeling projects. It is imperative that you renovate the place also from the perspective of this crucial angle: Pet safety.

Here, you will read about some important guidelines, which will make your home safer for the pets.

  • Step into the pet’s shoes: Yes! You have to rest on the floor in the crawling posture, carefully look around and try to identify the possible hazards. Try to pinpoint things that can choke/electrocute/suffocate the pets and immediately remove them.
  • Plants: It must be noted that some plants like aloe vera, amaryllis and lilies can endanger the very life of your pet. Be careful to select only those plants that are pet-friendly.
  • Specific pet place: If you give your pet a specific place for its own use, it will have no need to venture out elsewhere and imperil itself. Create a place with toys, a small bed and water. The canine/feline will then automatically keep itself away from areas having toxic substances.   
  • Fences and structures: When you want to allow the pet/s to play around the yard, make sure that you build some required fences/structures. This is necessary to keep them protected.
  • Bird cages: If the pet is a bird, its cage must be away from the window to ensure that they don’t see their predators and get scared. Also, do not keep the cage in your kitchen, as the noxious fumes from the stove can damage their tender respiratory system.

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Dining Area in a Small Kitchen

Dining Area in a Small Kitchen- Creative Ideas for You

A trend is now in vogue among many homeowners having small kitchens. Well, they are adding dining space to the kitchen! Why should you be left behind? You will be mesmerized with the enhanced look of the place following the above change.

Here, you have some creative ideas as to how you can include the dining area when carrying out kitchen remodeling.

  • Modify the island: Just transform the small island in your kitchen into a sitting area and, you will be amazed with the positive difference that it makes!
  • Table of floating style: If you are keen to include a dining area in the kitchen, you have to get a table of the floating style! This table comfortably accommodates four people and, it also provides plenty of leg space below. Also, it occupies very little space of the kitchen.
  • Steel stools: Get small-sized stools that can conveniently be kept on top of one another, when not in use. You can very easily pull them out before sitting for a meal.
  • Wall-mounted table: This denotes as being one of the best things that you can do, when adding dining space in the kitchen. The wall-mounted table can easily be folded back soon after the meal and this obviously does not compromise on the kitchen’s roominess.
  • Pan racks: It is of utmost relevance that you go for the correct pan racks. When you choose vertical pan racks, it becomes easier for you to access the pans and also, the floor space is not consumed.

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