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Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Trends- 2016

With the welcoming of the year 2016 the home décor trends have even changed for the better in order to give a fresh appeal to the interiors of our homes. This year 2016 top notch interior designers have revved up the interiors of every home with some interesting latest trends. These interior design trends will continue to fascinate and inspire everyone to make these exciting changes in there abode all year round.

Touch of Metallic –

 This trend is surely going to make your home shine all year round. Choose accent pieces like brass vases, wall papers with metallic hues to grab attention to your favorite corner.

Graphics Tiles –

 Graphic tiles are not passé they have come back this 2016. So, make a statement by investing in colorful and vintage patterns in tiles for the living room or as your counter top in the bar.

Statement Pendant Lights –

 Statement lights are a piece of art to jazz up a simple living room. Pretty light fixtures don’t just boost more light to the room but also make the atmosphere around more pleasant. So choose any porcelain light fixture hand painted details or Moroccan style lanterns.

Sustainable Material is back –

 Designers worldwide are eyeing these worn and old materials like wood and antique furniture’s to add a distinctive charm to their ultra modern homes. So, recycle a few designs and make a statement in your home’s interiors.

Mix and Match Materials –

 Mixing and matching materials is considered bold and unique this season in the world of beautiful homes. So, mix in textured woods with metals in color tones of silver, gold and rose gold in designing your kitchen or your living room to add more character into your abode.

Bring in the Floral’s –

 Floral’s are not just for the gardens or fashion runways, bring in some vintage style soft floral prints into your homes for bringing in more color and comforts to your home. Choose from beautiful floral printed draperies, floral printed wall papers or just pick some floral prints on ceramics for bringing in natural beauty in your kitchen or dining table.

So these were the top interior design trends of the 2016 that can transform your living space.


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Feng Shui Tips for Interiors Remodeling

Nowadays, interiors remodeling in accordance with feng shui is becoming increasingly popular. Even you could be a homeowner who prefers to bring in the elements of the Chinese system into your home. The following are some of the most important feng shui tips for you.

  • Pathway: One of the most significant aspects of feng shui is related to the pathway that leads to your front door. Nothing surprising in that, as it is the front door that is the primary point of entrance and exit of your home.

This philosophical system of China states that this pathway must not be a straight line and, it must have a curve. This makes sure that plenty of positive energy flows into your home.

  • Indoor plants: As per feng shui, having natural greenery indoors is very good to attract positivity. Thus, it is better for you to have some indoor plants, hanging garden, etc.
  • Light colors: You might be having your own preferred color schemes. Yet, when you want to conform to fen shui, you invariably need to go only for natural and light colors, as they enhance the positive energy around.
  • Natural lighting: The importance of natural lighting for your home can never be overstated and, even fen shui emphasizes it. In fact, fen shui conveys that when there is plenty of natural lighting in the home, the negative energy gets dispelled.

Only an expert remodeler can redesign your interiors with perfection, from the perspective of fen shui. And, there are hardly any remodelers as capable as Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc.

Mark Besnos, the owner of Horizon, is renowned for giving the customers only that which is the best! The personnel of the company are just one phone call away from you.


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Kids Bedroom – Unique Ideas for You

Are your kids old enough to have a separate bedroom for themselves? Do you want their bedroom to symbolize perfection? If yes, there are some unique ideas for you and, please go through them carefully.

  • Colored curtains: The bedroom will become the favorite place for your kids, when you put curtains of bright colors for the windows. You must ensure that these colors perfectly match with the overall look of the bedroom.
  • Paint and print: Even for the walls of the room, choose a paint color that is bright. In fact, when you blend the paint with a few prints, the kids will invariably get enchanted with the feel of the place.
  • Decorate with toys: Toys are the things that are very close to the heart of the kids. And, you will be helping the little ones a lot, if you decorate the bedroom with their own toys. For example, you can use some toys as wall hangings and keep few others in shelves.
  • Decorate the roof: This is one of the best things that you can do for the kids’ bedroom. Decorate the roof with things that glow when the room is dark and, this will give a blissful experience to the children. At bedtime, these glowing items will lull them into peaceful sleep. `
  • Carpet for floor: It is crucial that you cover the floor with a good carpet. This protects the tender knees, feet and hands, etc, of the kids from possible injuries while they play around.

A unique bedroom for kids is now an integral element of many complete remodeling projects. Why should your home be left behind? Mark Besnos’ Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc is here to do the job for you. Trust the remodeler’s capability and you will not be unhappy!



Stunning Transformations: 11 Interior Designs For Your Home

1. This house looks best with the nook that allows the readers to lie down with a beautiful view. The simple design, unique shape offers a remarkable view.


2. This chandelier is a must if you love the scare. The intricate webbing and tree design looks scary when you switched on. You will go deep into the woods.


3. The fireplace and the exquisite rock design is new height of inspiring perfection. From its groundwork to its greatest height, the place looks beautiful and unique.


4. The room looks traditional when the lights are on. But see once after lights are off, it brings inspiration and exploration. The theme of the room comes to life.


5. Here the table design is really unique. A crafted piece of glass fills the gap between two beautiful pieces of woods to create a modern look.


6. The colourful glass window gives a very attractive look. The small colored squares will reflect on the staircase due to sunlight creates a beautiful look.


7. Extra storage is required for every house. This design gives you more than enough space for storage in a different way. The staircase is utilized than anything in the house.


8. This room gives you a feel that you are sitting behind a big clock of the Big Ben tower in London. Everyone wants to spend at least some time in this place.


9. It seems like the tree is growing into the room. The staircase to the room above is the best hiding place and the room can be the private place.


10. This is the most relaxing and peaceful place with a sunk-in floor and plush seating. The bookshelves lining the room near the ceiling and the outside garden looks beautiful.


11. There is only one way to get into the other room that is by crossing this hallway that has a glass door. The floor adds a beauty by offering a sneak peek into the water.


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Attractive Interiors- Aspects You Must Not Ignore

Attractive Interiors- Aspects You Must Not Ignore

Do you want to remodel your interiors to make them look more attractive? If yes, then there are some salient aspects that you must not ignore.

Here, you will briefly read about few of those key points of interiors remodeling, which will go a long way in enhancing the grandeur of your place.

  • Combination of gray and other colors: Redesign the interiors in such a way that there is a blend of gray and various other colors. Well, this contrasting appearance will leave you spellbound!
  • Go for the right flooring: When it comes to flooring, you have different choices such as carpet, laminate and cork, etc. Opt for the one that is the most suitable pattern for your place.
  • Remove the walls: Removing of walls can also be a vital aspect of the interiors remodeling. For example, you can remove the wall that separates your dining room and the kitchen to create added space to your home. In fact, when these walls are removed, your home will have a brighter look, too.
  • Eliminate clutter: This is another crucial facet of remodeling that deserves your attention. Do not go for excess furnishings! You will help yourself if you opt for only few furnishings of top quality. The bottom-line is that, quality is more significant than quantity.
  • Crown molding: When you want to make your walls appear taller then what they actually are, then crown molding is the answer. This molding stretches the wall lines and thus produces an illusion of increased height.

Now, it is time for you to get in touch with Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc, so that your interiors remodeling project becomes a success. Mark Besnos, the proprietor of Horizon, guarantees the customers that what his company provides is nothing but the best!