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Bathroom Remodeling-Points You Should Not Ignore

If you want to remodel your bathroom to your full satisfaction, it is then imperative that you make a note of some salient points. It is only then that you will be contented with the end result! Well, have a look at some of these crucial aspects.

  • Select the right bathtub: This is among the most vital elements of bathroom remodeling! Here, many go with the misconception that a bigger bathtub is always better. The fact is that you just have to choose a tub that has enough space in it and does give the bathroom a congested look.
  • Graceful fixtures: You are better off, when you get graceful fixtures for your bathroom and not gaudy ones. For instance, a simple pedestal sink has more appeal than a complex cabinet vanity.
  • Sturdy flooring: You have to ensure that the flooring of the place is very sturdy. Here, select tiles of marble, ceramic and stone, etc, and you won’t be disappointed.
  • Single mirror: As a part of the remodel work, just fix a single mirror above the sink. You will be amazed as to how this arrangement furthers the beauty of the place!
  • Vertical storage: Do not leave the room that is there in the middle of the wall studs unused. You can create vertical space for storage, by getting tall cabinets.
  • Right showerhead: Do you want the space outside the shower area to be free of wetness? If yes, you have to opt for wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted showerhead. This will make sure that the water does not spill outside the shower area.    

Bathroom remodeling conforming to the above aspects appears like a challenge for you! But it is not so, when you depend on the proven competency of Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc. The company, under the inspiring leadership of Mark Besnos, has successfully executed many such remodel projects.





9 Modern Bathroom Designs

1.  You can relax in a bathtub looking a mountain view. The ceiling is the focal point. It is with gold fabric with massive chandelier hangings.


2. It is one of the unique bathrooms with a lime green color palette. The inset yellow lighting and the chandelier hanging makes the room bright. The green rug and the green tiles complete this unique bathroom.


3. The black colored tiles, bath tub, racks look attractive with a red colored chandelier hanging. It creates stunning effect throughout the room.


4. This room is so spacious with shower enclosed by the glass walls and anchored by the stone tile. From the tile and tub to chandelier hanging, we love everything in this room.


5. This bathroom feels like a Zen garden by its simple design. The bamboo-lined walls with dark cabinetry and white counter tops and top-mounted white sinks give a decent look.


6. The beautiful gold and white combination gives the unique look to this bathroom. The fixtures, chandelier hanging, dark flooring, natural lighting through the window complete this luxurious bathroom.


7. No doubt, it is a bathroom, not a grand palace. The tiled walls, massive square tub, natural lighting, the gold columns, white marble surrounding the tub which is with flowers gives a unique look.



8. Purple is the color likely to be used by young or teenage girls. This purple color palette creates a modern and beautiful design. Light wood flooring and a white bathtub gives a good feel.


9. This bathroom is just like a big Italian villa with its stone design, windows, and dark cabinetry. The room is expansive with unique architectural colors and the wall-length cabinetry and sitting area between three windows are really comfortable.





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Remodeled Bathroom- A Heavenly Feel

Remodeled Bathroom- A Heavenly Feel

A perfectly remodeled bathroom invariably gives you a heavenly feel! It is a vivid reflection of your sense of style!

But, it is imperative that you keep certain vital aspects in mind, before initiating the redesign work. And, it is about these very aspects of bathroom remodeling that you are now going to read!

  • Accent tiles: If you are keen on creating a blissful ambience in the bathroom, do not forget to go for accent tiles. The pattern of the accent tiles should be contrasting with the color of the walls. The fact that this enhances the aesthetic appeal warrants no special mention.
  • Lighting fixtures: Do not underestimate the significance of lighting fixtures, during redesign of your bathroom. You will be simply amazed with the magnificent appearance of the place, thanks to these fixtures.
  • The bath vanity: Opt for a latest bath vanity, which comes with both the sink and also the cabinets.
  • Walk-in showers and big tubs: Nowadays, walk-in showers and big bathtubs are extremely vital elements of almost all bathroom remodeling Then, why should your bathroom be an exception to it?
  • Bathroom resembling a spa: When space is not a constraint for you, then you can get the bathroom redesigned to resemble a spa. Here, you have the options of including makeup vanity, television and fireplace, etc. Would that not be wonderful?
  • Water-resistant tiles: It is of utmost relevance that you choose water-resistant tiles for your bathroom. In this context, tiles made of marble, ceramic and stone would be of great help.

Your dream bathroom is not that far from you, as an expert remodeler, Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc is very near to you.

The company, headed by Mark Besnos, has the track record of successfully handling numerous bathroom remodeling projects. So, trust the remodeler and you will be happy with the end result!