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Lighting for Your Bathroom Vanity

So, you have just completed, well almost completed, a remodel of your master bathroom. With the vanity in place you are left with the task of choosing appropriate lighting. Since the bathroom will be your first destination in the morning where you will prepare yourself for the day, you will want to see yourself in the best light possible. It is important to choose the correct lighting. There are many options available and you will want to choose light fixtures that not only complement the other fixtures in the room but also make the task of grooming easy and effortless. Recessed lights, bar lights, pendant lights or sconces? While natural daylight would be best, a combination of well placed fixtures can cut down on glare and shadows on the face while getting ready in the morning.

If there is not sufficient natural light in the bathroom then the next best approach would be to provide lighting on both sides of the mirror. A pair of decorative sconces placed at eye level will evenly illuminate the face and reduce shadows as well as adding style to the room. The sconces can be placed on the wall or directly on the mirror itself. While the very popular recessed lighting is seen in many bathrooms, just be sure not to rely on it as a sole source of lighting for grooming because of the shadows it can cast. For grooming needs you will want to either choose wall lighting such as sconces or a simple fixture over the mirror. A well placed bath bar, these usually come in two, three or four light versions, will do the job as well and be sure not to choose one that is not wider than your cabinet or vanity width. Pendant lighting, which is lighting that hangs from the ceiling, and can be used with other sources of light such as natural light and recessed lights, to provide an overall effect.

Pendant lighting can also add a stylish decorative touch to the bathroom. The type of light bulb to be used should also be taken into consideration. Fluorescent or LED lights can be used in any bathroom as they emit less heat and are energy saving. Also you may want to consider using fixtures with a frost or clear shade to more closely resemble a natural light. many choices for something so tiny as vanity lightning, when the right choice can improve so much!



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