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Why Choose Horizon Remodeling for your Home Remodeling

Why Choose Horizon Remodeling for your Home Remodeling

Every home requires a remodeling after certain years which gives the home a new makeover and makes it more appealing for the residents to live in. Remodeling is even one of the best times to fix any repairs like plumbing, electrical fixtures, carpentry or the flooring’s of the homes. And that’s where our services at the Horizon Construction & Remodeling step in. We have been making people’s dreams about the perfect and beautiful living spaces a reality since the past 10 years in Los Angeles, Orange County and Bernardino county areas.


With providing services for remodeling homes for a decade we have mastered our skills and gained an in-depth knowledge of what the homeowners are looking for whilst redesigning their homes. We at Horizons don’t just believe in remodeling homes as a service as our company’s philosophy is to provide a delightful experience to our clients. At Horizon we prioritize our client’s needs and for which we deliver high quality services to meet our client’s requirements with perfection. As we believe that benefit of the customer will lead to growth of our organisation.

At Horizon Constructions & Remodeling our team of professionals ensure that the complete home remodeling is an enjoyable, hassle free and satisfactory experience for our clients as well as for our team. For these benefits we are regarded as the most reliable destination for remodeling and construction needs of your home.

Some of the remodeling and construction services offered at Horizon Constructions & Remodeling are mentioned here:

  • Hardscape & Landscape
  • Cement & Driveways
  • Foam, Siding, Decks and Fences
  • Stucco/ Exterior Paint
  • Interior Paint/Base & Crown Molding
  • Flooring, Railing and Fireplaces & Mantels.
  • Plans & Designs

There are many more such services which are offered at Horizons Constructions & Remodeling. Our team is even experienced in handling any custom design solutions for making your abode more comfortable for you.

So what are you waiting for get in touch with our team of professional interior remodelers and designers at the Horizons Constructions & Remodeling and transform your abode today.

Why Horizon Remodeling and Construction is the best company in Orange County

Why Horizon Remodeling and Construction is the best company in Orange County

The next step once you have decided to remodel your home is to look for a reliable remodeling service provider. Although choosing a remodeling service provider is not easy as checking their creditability, their quality standards and what kind of services they offer must be evaluated. After all these process deciding the budget is even equally important. If you want to skip all these initial tasks then put in your complete faith in us and choose us at Horizon Constructions & Remodeling.

Why Us?

We have over 10 years of experience in this industry and are well aware of the complications and confusions people have to face while choosing the right remodeling service provider for their home. For this we have a dedicated customer support which offer in-house consultation service.

At Horizon Constructions & Remodeling we are recognized as the best company in Orange County for our many years of experience and our high quality standards. Our company always believes that benefiting customers by rendering quality services will lead to the growth and prosperity of the company. For maintaining our philosophy our team of professionals strive to deliver nothing but the best remodeling services always.

At Horizon Constructions & Remodeling our team of professionals have expertise in providing fresh and latest ideas in interiors. These skills ensure to make our customer’s vision about their perfect home through remodeling a reality. Our company specializes not just in remodeling assignments but even undertakes new construction projects.

With many years of services we have gained expertise and an in-depth knowledge about aspects such as:

  • Developing new interiors and exteriors
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Custom designed kitchens
  • Addition of structures
  • Stucco
  • Roofing
  • Flooring
  • Electrical fixtures
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Windows and doors
  • Sunrooms
  • Railings
  • Fireplace
  • Exterior assignments such as building decks, driveways and pool building.

With our commitment to deliver nothing but the best building services by providing superior customer satisfaction makes our services absolutely hassle free and enjoyable for our customers.

Why Horizon Remodeling and Construction for Bathroom Remodeling

Why Horizon Remodeling and Construction for Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling your bathroom is the best way to enhance the functionality and space of the bathroom. Remodeling a bathroom not only adds more convenience but it even adds more to the value to the home in case you are planning to sell your house in the future.

In terms of the costs as well considering bathroom remodeling along with your entire home’s remodeling expenses fractionally reduces. So, it’s best to consider bathroom remodeling along with the expenses of entire home remodeling from us the experts in bathroom remodeling.

Process of Remodeling Bathrooms:

We at the Horizons Constructions & Remodeling help our clients to recreate and design their vision of having a perfect and comfortable bathroom. With our bathroom remodeling services you can completely change the appearance of the regular bathroom into a stylish and ultra modern one. Whether you are looking for a modern design in the bathroom or looking for a classic vintage style in bathroom design our experts can fulfill it. Although remodeling of bathroom may seem like a task but our clients can be completely assured of availing high quality and seamless work within their individual budget limitations. We at Horizons Constructions & Remodeling ensure to complete the remodeling work within the said time frame.

Easy & Customized Solutions:

Our clients wanting to just remodel their bathroom for making it more children friendly, wanting to install a tub or just want a stylish walk-in shower with latest shower heads can approach us. At Horizons Constructions & Remodeling our clients can avail customized solutions in remodeling their bathroom.

For the complete remodeling services for home, kitchen, interior work, additions & structural work, pool building and custom cabinetry our clients can trust us as we at the Horizons Constructions & Remodeling offer them with the most cost effective and high standard services available in the business.

Best Customer Support:

We have a dedicated customer care team as well for providing you free in-home consultation and guidance for added convenience to our clients.

Why Horizon Remodeling and Construction for Kitchen Remodeling

Why Horizon Remodeling and Construction for Kitchen Remodeling  

Kitchens are one of the most important parts of every home. As nowadays it’s not just used as a place to cook food but kitchens are the center point of the homes for entertaining guests and family. So nowadays homeowners are not just seeing kitchen as a functional area of a home but even want luxury in this important space of their homes.

For remodeling the appearance of the kitchen from just functional to luxurious we at the Horizons Constructions & Remodeling offer a wide array of options for the same.

Why Choose Us:

We at Horizons Constructions & Remodeling have been remodeling kitchens and the entire home since a decade. At Horizons our team of designers are highly knowledgeable about the latest styles in the kitchen interiors to complement the homeowner’s style. Our clients can be completely assured of the high standards in kitchen remodeling along with availing the most energy efficient kitchen space from our team. In terms of budget as well our clients need not worry as we have a vast range of remodelling designs with the most economical kitchen equipments to fit your bill perfectly. In meeting the budget requirements we never compromise on quality standards.

So ultimately the three most important factors that our company is synonymous with are:

  • Best Quality Deliverance
  • Wide Array of Options
  • Affordable & High Quality

At Horizons Constructions & Remodeling we don’t just pay attention to offering luxurious kitchen but even give equal importance to make the kitchen realistic and spacious too. So our clients can trust our kitchen plans will surely distinguish their kitchen and suit their lifestyle as well.

In kitchen remodeling we offer a range of services such as:

  • Kitchen remodelling
  • Custom built kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen installation

For our wide range of kitchen remodeling services we are ideally and popularly considered as one of the most preferred and cost effective remodeling service providers in Orange County, Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties.

So, if you are planning to remodel your kitchen with fresh ideas then look no further and get in touch with our creative team at the Horizons Constructions & Remodeling.

What exactly is Color Temperature

What exactly is Color Temperature? Know Cool and Warm color for your Home

Colors in interiors have powerful impact on the house as colors are a form of energy which reflects the energy hot or cold energy absorbed accordingly. So, before you decide to paint your home with a color scheme its better to understand the color temperature concept.

Color temperature can be easily understood by looking at the color wheel used to select the color scheme of paints for the interiors. The color wheel contains 2 parts consisting of warm color tones and cool color tones.

Warm Color Tones: The warm color tones include colors such as red, yellow and green.

Cool Color Tones: The cool tones include red to violet colors.

Whilst choosing a color scheme for your home’s the basic science that needs to be kept in mind is to choose warm colors to draw attention and to choose cooler color tones to make the interiors appear more large and spacious.

While choosing the warm and cool colors for your home it is necessary to pay attention to fade the line between warm and cool color schemes carefully. As the color scheme must flow seamlessly throughout the home so consider the adjoining rooms, light source and size restrictions of every room.

Color Selection –

 Every room reacts to natural light differently so choose warm colors such as shades of red to yellow with northern natural light source to balance the colors and light.

In rooms with southern light source, people have the flexibility of choosing warm and cool colors tones both for their homes. So, choose colors like light blue to mint green for your walls and choose red to dark tones in paint for the walls.

Rooms with eastern source of light choose warm colors such as yellow to reds to add more warmth to the room.

Rooms with western source of light mostly have evening light which makes the room more warm and beautiful. So choose warm colors to make the rooms more intimate.

So now that you are well briefed with the concept of color temperature and how to use different warm and cool color tones for different corners of your home, go ahead and paint your home with the color you most prefer.


Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Trends- 2016

With the welcoming of the year 2016 the home décor trends have even changed for the better in order to give a fresh appeal to the interiors of our homes. This year 2016 top notch interior designers have revved up the interiors of every home with some interesting latest trends. These interior design trends will continue to fascinate and inspire everyone to make these exciting changes in there abode all year round.

Touch of Metallic –

 This trend is surely going to make your home shine all year round. Choose accent pieces like brass vases, wall papers with metallic hues to grab attention to your favorite corner.

Graphics Tiles –

 Graphic tiles are not passé they have come back this 2016. So, make a statement by investing in colorful and vintage patterns in tiles for the living room or as your counter top in the bar.

Statement Pendant Lights –

 Statement lights are a piece of art to jazz up a simple living room. Pretty light fixtures don’t just boost more light to the room but also make the atmosphere around more pleasant. So choose any porcelain light fixture hand painted details or Moroccan style lanterns.

Sustainable Material is back –

 Designers worldwide are eyeing these worn and old materials like wood and antique furniture’s to add a distinctive charm to their ultra modern homes. So, recycle a few designs and make a statement in your home’s interiors.

Mix and Match Materials –

 Mixing and matching materials is considered bold and unique this season in the world of beautiful homes. So, mix in textured woods with metals in color tones of silver, gold and rose gold in designing your kitchen or your living room to add more character into your abode.

Bring in the Floral’s –

 Floral’s are not just for the gardens or fashion runways, bring in some vintage style soft floral prints into your homes for bringing in more color and comforts to your home. Choose from beautiful floral printed draperies, floral printed wall papers or just pick some floral prints on ceramics for bringing in natural beauty in your kitchen or dining table.

So these were the top interior design trends of the 2016 that can transform your living space.


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Bathroom Remodeling-Points You Should Not Ignore

If you want to remodel your bathroom to your full satisfaction, it is then imperative that you make a note of some salient points. It is only then that you will be contented with the end result! Well, have a look at some of these crucial aspects.

  • Select the right bathtub: This is among the most vital elements of bathroom remodeling! Here, many go with the misconception that a bigger bathtub is always better. The fact is that you just have to choose a tub that has enough space in it and does give the bathroom a congested look.
  • Graceful fixtures: You are better off, when you get graceful fixtures for your bathroom and not gaudy ones. For instance, a simple pedestal sink has more appeal than a complex cabinet vanity.
  • Sturdy flooring: You have to ensure that the flooring of the place is very sturdy. Here, select tiles of marble, ceramic and stone, etc, and you won’t be disappointed.
  • Single mirror: As a part of the remodel work, just fix a single mirror above the sink. You will be amazed as to how this arrangement furthers the beauty of the place!
  • Vertical storage: Do not leave the room that is there in the middle of the wall studs unused. You can create vertical space for storage, by getting tall cabinets.
  • Right showerhead: Do you want the space outside the shower area to be free of wetness? If yes, you have to opt for wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted showerhead. This will make sure that the water does not spill outside the shower area.    

Bathroom remodeling conforming to the above aspects appears like a challenge for you! But it is not so, when you depend on the proven competency of Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc. The company, under the inspiring leadership of Mark Besnos, has successfully executed many such remodel projects.




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Feng Shui Tips for Interiors Remodeling

Nowadays, interiors remodeling in accordance with feng shui is becoming increasingly popular. Even you could be a homeowner who prefers to bring in the elements of the Chinese system into your home. The following are some of the most important feng shui tips for you.

  • Pathway: One of the most significant aspects of feng shui is related to the pathway that leads to your front door. Nothing surprising in that, as it is the front door that is the primary point of entrance and exit of your home.

This philosophical system of China states that this pathway must not be a straight line and, it must have a curve. This makes sure that plenty of positive energy flows into your home.

  • Indoor plants: As per feng shui, having natural greenery indoors is very good to attract positivity. Thus, it is better for you to have some indoor plants, hanging garden, etc.
  • Light colors: You might be having your own preferred color schemes. Yet, when you want to conform to fen shui, you invariably need to go only for natural and light colors, as they enhance the positive energy around.
  • Natural lighting: The importance of natural lighting for your home can never be overstated and, even fen shui emphasizes it. In fact, fen shui conveys that when there is plenty of natural lighting in the home, the negative energy gets dispelled.

Only an expert remodeler can redesign your interiors with perfection, from the perspective of fen shui. And, there are hardly any remodelers as capable as Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc.

Mark Besnos, the owner of Horizon, is renowned for giving the customers only that which is the best! The personnel of the company are just one phone call away from you.


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Kids Bedroom – Unique Ideas for You

Are your kids old enough to have a separate bedroom for themselves? Do you want their bedroom to symbolize perfection? If yes, there are some unique ideas for you and, please go through them carefully.

  • Colored curtains: The bedroom will become the favorite place for your kids, when you put curtains of bright colors for the windows. You must ensure that these colors perfectly match with the overall look of the bedroom.
  • Paint and print: Even for the walls of the room, choose a paint color that is bright. In fact, when you blend the paint with a few prints, the kids will invariably get enchanted with the feel of the place.
  • Decorate with toys: Toys are the things that are very close to the heart of the kids. And, you will be helping the little ones a lot, if you decorate the bedroom with their own toys. For example, you can use some toys as wall hangings and keep few others in shelves.
  • Decorate the roof: This is one of the best things that you can do for the kids’ bedroom. Decorate the roof with things that glow when the room is dark and, this will give a blissful experience to the children. At bedtime, these glowing items will lull them into peaceful sleep. `
  • Carpet for floor: It is crucial that you cover the floor with a good carpet. This protects the tender knees, feet and hands, etc, of the kids from possible injuries while they play around.

A unique bedroom for kids is now an integral element of many complete remodeling projects. Why should your home be left behind? Mark Besnos’ Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc is here to do the job for you. Trust the remodeler’s capability and you will not be unhappy!


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Kitchen Remodeling- Tips to Choose the Right Color

Choosing the appropriate colors is a vital element of kitchen remodeling work, as the overall look of the place depends on the colors selected. Hence, you have to give due importance to this aspect!

You will now have a look at some key tips that will be of great help to you to go for the colors suitable for your kitchen.

  • Color groups: First and foremost, do not go for a single shade. Instead, you will help yourself by opting for shades with varied colors. You will be surprised with the positive difference that the color groups will bring about.
  • Neutral colors for flooring and countertops: During remodeling, make sure that you select neutral colors for the flooring and countertops, so that they perfectly match the other colors in your kitchen.
  • Cabinet colors: Cabinets are the things of the kitchen that occupy most of the space and thus you have to be very careful when deciding about their color. Whatever is the color of the cabinets, it should match with the general appearance of the place.
  • Backsplashes: Dark shade backsplashes do not look good for more spacious areas like the living room. But when it comes to the kitchen, these backsplashes undoubtedly enhance the feel of the place, by nicely contrasting with the other colors.

Where can you find the correct advice about the color selection? That obviously must be the question that you are having right now! Just relax! Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc, headed by Mark Besnos, is here to help you out.

All you have to do is to contact the committed team of Horizon! And, it won’t be too long before your kitchen gets adorned with colors that contribute to the magnificence of the place!