Valentine’s Day- Unique decoration Ideas

Valentine’s Day- Unique decoration Ideas

With the Valentine’s Day being round the corner, you could be pondering as to how to aptly decorate your home for the occasion. Well, here are some unique decoration ideas for you, and which are guaranteed to make your Valentine’s Day a very memorable one! So, read on!

  • A simple wreath: Contrary to what many people feel, an elaborate and a gaudy wreath is not indispensable for the decorations! In fact, a simple wreath resembling the alphabets O and X will do the job for you.

The “O” will be below the “X” and you will just marvel at the magnificence that this simple arrangement brings to the place!

  • Heart-shaped lockets: Yes! These cute, little heart-shaped lockets will enchant your valentine on the big day! These lockets, which come in small frames, will be wonderful additions that just enhance the romantic feel!
  • Unique candle holders: A lovely candle light dinner is obviously in the offing for both you and your partner on the Valentine’s Day! And, how lovely it would it be if the candles are there in candle holders having the shape of a flower!

If making this day a momentous one that is cherished for a long time is your priority, you cannot afford to ignore these beautiful holders!  

  • Lips motif: Can anyone ever dream of a celebration with the Valentine devoid of a motif of lips! Well, no one can!!! Here, you have a charming motif that is a wonderful blend of blue and gold shades! Get this motif and see the mesmerizing impact that it has on your celebrations!

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Yellow-green walls

Your Happiness and Things Present in Home are Linked- Scientific Reason 

Meticulously maintaining the cleanliness of your home while simultaneously giving it a stylish look does not guarantee you happiness! Science says that the scents, colors and accessories, etc, that you choose for the home are what that actually determine your happiness.

The message is unambiguous: choose the right things and you will enhance your happiness!

  • Yellow/green walls: Amsterdam-based Vrije University conducted an extensive scientific study taking into account the colors of a rainbow.

The study states that the colors yellow and green are the most prominent ones, in terms of triggering the emotion of happiness. Thus, choose either of these colors for the walls and your home will then become an abode of joy!

  • Fresh flowers: Scientific research highlights that when there are flowers in the home, they enhance the feelings of contentment and joy. This is chiefly due to the lovely aroma of the flowers. So, do you need any further reason to immediately rush to your florist?
  • Family photos: You will be helping your own cause if you take away the books on your nightstand and keep some family photos there. Research shows that looking at these photos is a definite way to experience tranquility and joy.
  • Less clutter: The link between high levels of cortisol, the hormone abetting stress in women, and the clutter is fully established. When the clutter is more, women are overwhelmed by intense stress! Reduce the clutter and you can then rest assured of happiness!

Undoubtedly, you require the presence of an expert to remodel your home, from the perspective of the above scientific facts. Well, you do not have to go too far! Mark Besnos, along with his Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc, is here to undertake the task!

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You Don’t Have to Live with Bugs

You Don’t Have to Live with Bugs

An exhaustive survey of 50 residences was carried out in the recent past, in North Carolina, to know about the presence of bugs in the homes. As a part of the study, each and every inch of all the homes was examined. The study has come out with the following findings:

  • Almost every home has at least around 10,000 bugs and, that is just a conservative estimate!
  • There are bugs pertaining to varied species.
  • A major chunk of these tiny creatures do not cause any harm.
  • The furniture items of a home such as cushions, bookshelves, etc, are the favorite dwelling places of insects.
  • It is observed that some of these bugs are microscopic and you will never ever even notice them.
  • Some of these insects survive by feeding on specific bugs of another species.

No doubt, majority of the insects are totally harmless. Yet, no one loves to live with so many bugs around. Is it not so? Now, the question that arises is how to get rid of these pests!

It is only an expert backed by experience who can make your home free from the bugs! And, there are very experts in the market as capable as Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc.

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All you now have to do is to contact the team of the remodeler and, once you do that, it won’t be too long before you can happily state “My home is now a bug-free one!”

incadescent bulb

The Energy-Efficient Latest Incandescent Bulb Brightens Your Home

Are you concerned about the high power bills? Are you on lookout for ways to minimize the quantity of power your household consumes? If your answer is yes for these queries, then this article is for you!

Well, you can now bid goodbye to the traditional incandescent light bulb, thanks to the efforts of the scientific team of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They have brought out an innovative, energy-efficient incandescent bulb that way outperforms its conventional counterpart.

The following are some of the salient features of the latest invention:

  • The bulb has been designed in such a way that it quickly absorbs the extra light leading to lower power consumption.
  • Here, it is worth mentioning that, more electricity is needed to light up a regular incandescent bulb.
  • The new offering has displayed a three-fold rise in the overall efficiency when compared with its predecessor.
  • The specialty of the new invention is that, even few LEDs that are now commonly used appear inferior to this latest bulb.

As this is a new product, it is but obvious that the number of outlets selling it is less. But there is no reason for you to worry!

Your search for this unique bulb ends at Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc! The leading company is renowned for keeping itself abreast of the latest trends and technologies, thanks mainly to the efforts of its proprietor, Mark Besnos.

Once you communicate your requirement to the remodeler, these energy-saving bulbs will become an integral part of your home. So do not delay! Your power bills will no longer appear scary!