5 Innovative Ideas for Window Makeover

Never discount the significance of having windows with the right shades, curtains and shutters, etc. In fact, a window that had had the right treatment becomes a center of attraction for everyone walking into your home. The windows of your home deserve this! Don’t you think so?

In this connection, you have 5 innovative ideas, which fully transform the look of your windows! Read on.

  1. Contrasting curtains: It is a lovely idea to have contrasting curtains for the windows. Here, the trim of the curtain contrasts with rest of the curtain and, this just goes on to beautify the window!
  2. Swing-arm curtains: These types of window curtains are designed especially for bedrooms, though they can also be used for windows of other rooms. Here, the curtains are hanged to rods that swing in all 3 directions: left, right and straight.
  3. Fretwork window panels: Just go for these patterns and see the huge difference that they bring about to the appearance of your widows! You will be amazed with the magnificence!
  4. Windows with stained glass: When you fix stained glass to the windows as a part of the makeover process, the aesthetic value of the place gets enhanced. There are now many homeowners opting for these panels.
  5. Windows behind paintings: This particular makeover idea has been quite popular since recent past. You can make an arrangement where the windows are just behind some great painting works. Well, your home will have the look of a unique art studio!

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Improvement of Home- 7 Simple Ideas

Home improvement need not necessarily be a major project! There are 7 simple ideas that will help you to enhance the feel of your home and that too at a marginal cost. Are you interested to know the details? Just continue to read and you will not be disappointed!

  1. Clean and rearrange the cocktail table: Here, along with the polishing of the table’s surface, it is equally important that you have only few items on the table. You have to avoid clutter, as it mars the appearance of the table.
  2. Increase space on refrigerator door: Take away all old items that were stuck on the door of your fridge, or at least minimize the number of items there. This will provide space on the door.
  3. Shift the chairs: This, by adding variety, contributes to the look of your place in no uncertain terms. Things like shifting the rocking chairs into your sunroom or moving the dining chairs into the bedroom are lovely ideas worthy of consideration.
  4. Plants in the corners: When you move the plants to the various corners of your home, you will be surprised with the extra space that you see.
  5. Clean your lampshades: Make it a point to regularly clean both the interior and the exterior of your lamp shades. It is only then that you will perceive the brightness of the lamp.
  6. Clean the windows: The importance of keeping the windows clean can never be overstated. When you frequently clean the windows, apart from having more natural light in the room, the beautiful widow texture will be visible more clearly.
  7. An organized linen closet: Rearrange the items in the linen closet in such a way that you can quickly find the ones that you prefer the most.

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Home Remodeling- Not a DIY Project

If you are contemplating a DIY home remodeling project, this article will change your mind! A recent study points out that about 30% of all DIY home improvement works concluded unsuccessfully. Well, the bottom-line is that, the renovation is a fairly challenging task, which necessitates professional guidance.

So, please do not be one among the above 30%! Continue reading about the most common DIY remodeling projects where, it was just disappointment for the homeowners, eventually.

  1. Room expansion: Normally, people go with DIY to cut down the cost. But, it has been noted that around 40% of DIY room expansion projects exceeded the planned budget. Thus, professional involvement is mandatory for all these works.
  2. Renovation of basement/attic: This is one more remodeling work beyond the capability of people devoid of professional experience. Basement and attic are places that usually are without the minimum required installations. Hence, a DIY approach could lead to issues of mold or plumbing.
  3. Refinish of Bath/kitchen cabinetry: Here is another task that is best executed by professionals. Refinish of bath/kitchen cabinetry involves taking out the hardware, sanding the surfaces and, rightly estimating the duration for the paint to dry down, etc. Only an expert can take care of all that!
  4. Hardwood flooring: Many homeowners made a futile attempt to carry out this project and later regretted for not having hired a professional. To install hardwood floors, one must be knowledgeable about the varieties of woods, thickness needed and the right installation method, etc. And, this is not possible for laymen.
  5. Bath/kitchen backsplash: DIY replacement of backsplash in bath/kitchen can be a herculean task. Here, along with removal of the existing tile, grouting is needed to make the surface smooth.  Only then can the new backsplash be installed.

So, forget about DIY and please realize the significance of a professional. And, Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc. of Mark Besnos is among the best of the professionals in the market.



Enhance your Bedroom’s Look- 6 Terrific Ideas

The bedroom is the place where you relax and unwind after your hectic daily schedule! It is here that you fall asleep to be recharged for the activities of the next day. Therefore, it is important that the look of your bedroom is conducive for both relaxation and sound sleep.

You will now read about 6 terrific ideas that enhance the look and feel of the bedroom, your sanctuary of peace!

  1. Avoid clutter: Ensure that the table next to your bed is free from all clutter, which keeps reminding you of your commitments. This clutter, instead of making you feel relaxed, subjects you to stress. Also, you cannot avoid glancing towards the table at your bedside. Hence, remove all these unnecessary items.
  2. Choose cotton bedding: A cool and pleasant ambience is a must for your bedroom, especially when it is the question of sound sleep. Here, it is pivotal that you go for beddings made fully from natural fibers. And undoubtedly, cotton is the best of these types of fibers.    
  3. Select right artwork: The artwork in the bedroom is as important as the color of the room. Make sure to get the artwork that is pleasing to the eyes. This helps you to de-stress even amidst the hectic pace of modern life.
  4. Opt for double-layered windows: Minimizing the amount of light in the bedroom is essential for getting enough rest in the night. So, it is better that you opt for double-layered windows.

These windows have curtains and some other covering in the window box and, you are thus assured of minimum lighting as well as total privacy.

  1. Position you bed properly: Arrange your bed in the correct position. You should first have a direct view of the foot of your bed, soon as you enter the bedroom.

For apt guidance, count upon Mark Besnos, the owner of Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc, and his committed team.