4 Stylish Walk-in Closet Ideas

 4 Stylish Walk-in Closet Ideas to Make your Home Attractive

Walk-in closets are now coming with different styles and in different colors. Even you don’t have enough space for the closet, you can get them because it can be inbuilt in the wall. If you want a good-looking and stylish closets, you can contact Mark Besnos team. Here are some walk-in closets you might like. Check them.

  1. Sliding Doors Closet

It is a closet with sliding door. It consists of inner shelves where you can put all your clothes and accessories. It is available in many colors and design among them white colored closet looks quite decent.

The closet has more space so that you can hang your suits and put your briefcase below the suits. The closet comes with 6 racks which are deep enough to put all your accessories. You can also put luggage in the space that is provided below the racks

  1. A Simple Open Closet

The closet  is beautiful with large cabinetry. It is an open type closet as it has no doors. There are both big and small shelves so that you can hang your suits in the big shelves and all the accessories like your watches, bracelets, belts etc in the small shelves.

There are many colors available in this model, but grey and the dark brown color looks natural. After hanging your suits, there will be some space remaining. you can put your briefcase there.

  1. Glass Closet

Glass closet has glass doors with the wooden frame around. There are 3 partitions in this closet. Each partition has large space for hanging suits and to put your luggage.

This closet just looks like an upscale dressing room. Totally there are 3 racks for hanging clothes. So it is sufficient to hang all of your suits and shirts. In each partition, there are 9 small racks. So totally in 3 partitions, there are 27 small racks.

So you can put all your accessories there. There is also a separate space for shoes in each of the partition. so you can put your shoes anywhere.

  1. Dual Iron Closets

There are 2 closets in the same room and there are made with iron. Each closet has 6 large shelves for hanging clothes. So you can store all your clothes in those shelves. Amazingly, there are 12 small shelves in each of the closets.

So you can store all of the accessories in the small closets. Along with this, there are also 9 small racks in each of the closets. You can put anything in those racks. After hanging your suits, some space will be remaining, you can put your hat or briefcase at that space.

There are many more beautiful walk-in closets. If you want to know more about the designs of closets or if you need the stylish closets for your home, then you can contact Horizon Construction & Remodeling team.

stylish bathroom

3 Inspiring stylish Bathroom Designs for your Modern Home

Many times people neglect designing the bathroom while designing their beautiful home. But these days, it became more important to design the bathroom carefully. People are giving importance to design bathroom just like the other rooms.

It became a special place for relaxing, people are expecting maximum features in their bathroom. So we are providing three stylish and dream bathroom designs.

  1. A Stylish Wooden Bathroom

The room really looks beautiful and decent if it is designed with wood. So make your bathroom beautiful with wood. There is a large sit-in tub for a relaxed bath. Select a yellow color for the wall  to make a perfect contrast for the wooden flooring.

Arrange some candles to get a soft lighting. As the room is designed with wood, select the wooden base for the tub to match the room perfectly.The lighting which is on the floor is the special thing we have to talk about. It is really soft.

  1. Luxurious Bamboo Bathroom

Design your bathroom with bamboo stalks that gives a different feel. Place some statues near the bath tub, they look really amazing. Surround the tub with the lights. Before having the wooden base to the tub, give a strong stone base to the tub as it gives a nice look.

The blue ceiling is stunning as the sunlight from this blue ceiling falls on the wooden floor and gives an awesome feel. It is the highlight of the room.

  1. Gorgeous Expensive Bathroom

Make the bathroom expensive by selecting all the valuable items. Select the chandelier to hang above a marble Jacuzzi as it looks precious. Buy a gold decor for keeping candles and put it in your bathroom as it gives a luxurious look.

The high ceiling and marble inset tub make the room more beautiful. The pillars and the glass work around completes the room.

If you want this kind of bathrooms or if you need more designs, you can contact Horizon & Remodeling team. Mark Besnos team will help you to get the best design for your bathroom.



Stunning Walk-In Closet Designs that Make your Jaw Drop

Can you imagine a room without a closet? Everyone says “No” because today they became an essential part of a room. And the cabinet with minimum requirements is not at all sufficient now.

People now need different designs with all features. So many designers are creating a variety of designs in the way we can’t select one easily. So we did a lot of research and came up with 4 designs that make you feel surprised.

  1. Stainless Steel Closet

The whole closet looks really great with glass cabinets and different racks. The room has stainless steel and glass drawers and they will be long lasting. The drawers are functional as well as fashionable.

There are storage bins made of velvet cloth and you can put your goggles, watches, bracelets and ties in the storage bins. You can keep your Ironed shirts in the place meant for it. For this kind of closets, grey colors is suitalbe perfectly.

  1. A Simple Iron Closet

You can also design Iron closet. It doesn’t really costs much as other closets, that doesn’t mean it compromises in something. There is space for everything.

The closet comes with 8 shelves for your clothes. There are 12 medium sized shelves for all your accessories. You can keep books, briefcase, shoes and whatever you want.

3. A Beautiful Wooden Cabinet

There are many partitions in this closet. All the shelves which are meant for clothes are deep enough. You can put many clothes in them. There is also a large space for your shoes and they are visible as the shoe storage is open.  There is separate space for all the accessories.

White is really a great color for closets. Do you know why? It is very easy to identify clothes so that you can easily select what to wear. So if you select white color for the doors, it looks really great. Choose dark brown color inside the cabinet to give the wood a natural look.

Not only these, there are many more walk-in closet designs that you really love. If you want them at your house, Horizon Construction & Remodeling helps you. You can contact Mark Besnos team to get the best walk-in closet designs.

impressive1 bathroom

3 Impressive Bathroom Design Ideas to Complete your Home

The small bathroom with minimum requirements is not sufficient now. Everyone are expecting the room to be luxurious, stylish, and modern too. So it is the time to redesign your bathroom. Are you searching for bathroom design ideas? Then you came to the right place. Here are 3 bathroom design ideas that you might like. Check them here.

  1. A Simple Black and White Bathroom

Imagine a bathroom with tiny round shaped tub and you can get into it by the three descending steps. Make the whole room with a single color, except one side as it gives a different feel.

Select a beautiful chandelier with full of lights. It really looks amazing. The room has also a big mirror near the tub. It also has a special cupboard to put your towels in it. The black and white combination for the room looks great.

  1. Beautiful Brown Bathroom

This bathroom is designed beautifully with all the features. The brown color suits best for this room. Let the ceiling be white only. Make the outer space color palette with deep blues and purples as they look amazing and arrange some lighting just beyond the tub. It just looks like a galaxy.

The tub comes in a different shape. Just add some scented flowers add a nice smell to the water in the tub. Arrange a small pot behind the tub with green long leaves and flowers as it gives a nice look. The room also has a big mirror and you can have a beautiful view from the window just behind the tub.

  1. Long Tub Bathroom

The bathroom comes with a very long tub. Fill it with full of water and arrange the lights at the ceiling to reflect in the water. Arrange showers at one side and the beautiful flowers and candles on the other side of the tub to look great. The room has a neutral color palette that increase the blue color of the water.

These are the three bathroom designs from the best ones. If you want a more beautiful design you can contact Horizon Construction & Remodeling. Mark Besnos team will design and construct the best bathroom that suits your home.

spacious bathroom

3 Spacious and Wonderful Bathroom Designs for your Home

Nowadays people are interested in making their bathrooms unique and spacious even though it is a bit expensive. The bathrooms now became a place for relaxing. So designers are coming up with excellent designs in which people can’t select one easily. 3 of them are here.

  1. Stone Floor Bathroom

The bathroom is designed with a beautiful stone floor. The room has 2 sinks which are in bath tub shape. Both the sinks are mounted on the wooden cabinet. The cabinet has 2 drawers. You can put towels, soaps or anything in it.

The bath tub is really designed differently. It is very deep and looks great even though it is small. The room also has a wooden cupboard for putting clothes in it. You can hang a beautiful gold color chandelier from the ceiling as extra decoration.

Arrange some lights at the ceiling for a soft lighting. If you paint with yellowish gold to the walls, it perfectly matches the flooring.

  1. Dual Shower Bathroom

The bathroom has a very large dual shower and it is the highlight of the room. The room is really very big and it gives an appearance of a room in a palace. The wooden cabinetry has 6 drawers which are deep enough to put your clothes.

3 sinks are mounted on the cabinetry and it also has a large mirror. A glass partition is made and there is a large dual shower in it. You can arrange two cushions chairs in the room to get relaxed.

  1. Simple and Elegant Bathroom

The bathroom has a semi-circle doors and a very large open space in front of them. The three lights chandelier is the attractive point of the room. There are two large mirrors and 1 small circular mirror.

The beautiful and small wooden cabinetry has 6 small racks. Let the ceiling be white and use the light colored tiles for flooring and walls to give a nice look.

If you want more latest bathroom designs and want to get one for your home, contact Horizon Construction & Remodeling. Mark Besnos team will give their support till the end.

remarkable bathroom

3 Remarkable Bathroom Designs for your Sweet Home

Design a bathroom in your own style with all the facilities. There are many bathroom design ideas that may attract you. But it is not possible to select one from those designs as they all look good. So we did a lot of research and found some best bathroom designs. Here are 3 of them. Have a look!

  1. A Bathroom with Beautiful View

Nature really changes your mood and makes you feel peaceful. Imagine a beautiful scenic straight to your bath tub, it is really amazing. This bathroom has glass windows which are in full length. So relaxing in your bath tub, you can enjoy nature.

It has 3 shelves near the tub to put your soaps, shampoos, and other things. The floor is made up of wood and it gives a decent look. You can arrange a small table near the bath tub to put towels on it. It is pleasant to add some greenery in the room. You can add two chairs in the room to relax and enjoy nature.

  1. Small and Attractive Bathroom

Even though the bathroom is small, you can make it look attractive. This bathroom comes with a simple cabinetry and two sinks mounted on it. Those sinks are in a traingular shape and looks really great with its design. You can put towels in the cabinetry.

If you paint the walls with light green color, it looks simple and great. You can use long rectangular tiles for flooring to make a perfect contrast with walls. Arrange some lights at the ceiling to give a soft lighting to the room. Add a beautiful flower vase as an extra decoration.

  1. 3. Simple and Spacious Bathroom

Imagine the bathroom which is simple and spacious. Everyone wants to have a bathroom like this in their home. This bathroom has a very large rectangular shaped sink which is mounted on the dark big cabinetry. There are 4 shelves in the cabinetry. You can put your towels in one shelf and your soaps, shampoos and remaining things in other shelves.

There is a partition with a glass. A tub is placed in that place and you can relax in the tub. You can choose light brown color tiles for walls and flooring as it suits best for this kind of bathroom.

Do you like this bathroom design ideas? Then contact Horizon Construction & Remodeling for the best design and construction. Mark Besnos team will help you to choose the best design and construct a beautiful bathroom for your home.

outstanding bathroom

3 Outstanding Bathroom Design Ideas for your Home

The designers are becoming more conscious while designing a home. But they are even more careful while designing a bathroom. This is because it is really important for the people now as it should be just like they dream.

So, for this reason, there are tons of designs which attracts you and it is really tough to select one from those beautiful designs. So we are providing the 3 best bathroom designs you might like.

  1. Golden Bathroom

In this bathroom, the tub is designed differently. It is in the shape of a dinner plate. Select the wallpaper that matches the gold countertops. The gold and white combination looks great for the wallpaper. Put a chandelier with the candles on it as it stands as the center of attraction.

The lighting on the wallpaper reflects on the top of the cabinetry. A very beautiful view is visible from the bathtub.

  1. Elegant and Beautiful Bathroom

This bathroom looks like a big palace. There are two gold pillars at the entrance. Fill the square shaped tub with full of water and scented flowers.

To get sunlight through the window near the tub, use the transparent white curtains. Design the walls with a very small square shaped tiles. Make the design at the ceiling highlight by selecting off-white or light pink color.

  1. Pretty Purple Bathroom

Purple is a color that is loved by teenage girls. So always they prefer to have that color in the bedroom. Now you can design your bathroom in purple color. The purple color palette creates a beautiful design. So bring a purple color palette for your bathroom.

The white tub and this purple palette makes the perfect contrast. Make the flooring with light wood and the base with marble. The mirrors and the lights around makes the room attractive.

These are the three bathroom designs that you might like and there are many more designs. If you want to get them and redesign your bathroom, you can contact Horizon Construction & Remodeling. Mark Besnos team provides the complete services for the design and construction.

modern bathroom

3 Modern Bathroom Designs that May surprise You

We don’t need outdated and un-fashioned bathrooms anymore. Just redesign the bathroom to give a modern look. Not only modern, these bathrooms are also luxurious and shows your status.

There is no much difference now between the normal rooms and bathrooms. People are giving the priority to design their bathrooms more stylish. Here are 3 modern bathroom designs that you love. Just go through them.

  1. Beautiful Island Bathroom

You don’t believe that it is a bathroom! It just looks like an Island. It is a dual level island with a big inset tub in the center. The marble flooring and fixtures add a luxurious and modern look to the room.

The circular shower is in a large column style looks amazing. The room has a large cabinetry and the room is full of lights. The two big surrounding steps allows you to get into the tub.

  1. Fashionable Gold Fabric Bathroom

Just imagine like relaxing in a long bath tub viewing the mountains from the large windows. We can’t explain the feel in words. The room also has a big chandelier with a number of precious stones and lights.

The ceiling is lined with gold fabric and it is the center of attraction of the bathroom. The marble floor with lines looks different and the room also has a big cabinetry and a chair. It also has a mirror and beautiful flower vase.

  1. Classic and Simple Bathroom

The palette gives the room a unique look if you select a lime green color one. The hanging chandelier and the inset lighting illuminate the room against a large open window. Drape the curtain to thw window. You can use green color curtain as it matches the palette.

Surround the tub by tiles and the rug. select the green color for them too to match the palatte and curtain. There are two large mirrors and 2 cabinets with a cushioned stool. No feature was missed!

So, do you want to get a modern bathroom to your home? Then just contact Horizon Construction & Remodeling. They will design you the unique bathroom. Mark Besnos team will be in contact with you always till the end of the work to support you.