Interior Painting- Color Splash

The color of your home plays an important role to create a good environment. The personal choices should be kept aside while selecting the color theme of your home. It is found that the color of your home wall has an impact on your health as well.

The red color is often referred as a color which increase the heartbeat whereas the pink is used to make people clam. So, the matter of fact is that you have a bit careful while making a choice about which color you should select for you home.

Type of Color

You might be aware that there are two main types of colors. The elementary colors are yellow, red and blue. Whereas the secondary color are developed by the mixture of the elementary colors. The secondary colors are orange, purple and green.

Now, you can make a choice among these types of color which are suitable for you. We are also going to discuss how these colors are going to affect you psychologically.

Complementary and Analogous Colors

The complementary colors are the one which look beautiful in the combination of border frame. In this way, you can put lime color on your walls and make a corner to corner border with fuchsia. This will look amazing!

The analogous color reflects the view of nature. If you see the combination of red, orange and purple you will immediately understand the impact of analogous color on you. The analogous colors are often selected to add a fresh look in the house. Tel, cerulean and green is also one of the most popular analogous color combination which you can try at your home.

Apart from the types and combination of color the application of color also is an important part. The intensity of the color depends on the shade, tone or tint that you use. Like orange color can be very energetic to apply on your wall, but the too dark shade of orange can make you feel irritated. Thus, you can mix the white color in the intense paint to create your own shade. The shade which you feel is joyful as well as claiming should be applied on the walls of your home.

You can also contact Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc team to get best tips about how to select suitable color for you home. Have a nice looking house!


Travel Plan and Home Decor

Home decor is something which you develop and gather over a period of time. After a remodeling project, it is often observed that homeowner wants to add a new glow to the house with a change in home decor.

Most of the things used for home decor are brought within the town just after completion of remodeling work. Actually in such situation, everybody is in a hurry to finish the rebuilding of the home and get a furnished outcome. Thus, people often buy things which are not that attractive and suitable for their home and end up disturbing the whole look of the home.

The common mistake regarding home decor is that people don’t match it with the theme of home. It is observed that people use modern decorating material on a classic remodeled home which makes it look funny and inappropriate.

You can easily integrate your travel plan and home decor with the help of small conscious workout. Whenever you are going on holidays or official meetings out of town, you should check about the culture of the place. Search online about the popular ancient or modern buildings at that place.

According to the theme of your home you have to match the art available at the visiting place. You can buy frames, stones, paintings, utility equipment at this place to make your house look good.

It is also better to carry the measurement of your empty wall or spot where you want to add some decorative material. This planning will help you to make your home look unique. Also, it feels good to share the stories with your friends about how you have decorated your home.

The combination of different culture and different place art will make you home the best place to visit and live. You can contact Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc for the best remodeling service and follow the above-stated plan to decorate your home.


Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

In the bathroom designing space management is an important aspect. Many times you have enough space to give your bathroom a bigger look, but the wrong design makes it look small.

Here are some tips which you can use to make your bathroom look bigger.

Use the wall space

The porper utilization of wall space will help you get more available space on the ground. There are many things which you can install on the wall to increase the utility of your bathroom.

Use the hooks or towel racks which you can use promptly. A medicine cabinet can be installed in your bathroom for emergency situations. You can also build large shelves on the wall where you can store the bath related products such as soap, shampoo, body lotion and many more.

You can also think of installation of big mirrors behind the sink to increase the height of your bathroom. The mirrors are also useful to bounce back the light in the room and make it look fresh. The combination of open and closed shelves can also help to make the space look bigger. The only closed door shelves makes the area restricted and thus make your bathroom look small. Try the combination of open and closed shelves to make your bathroom look bigger.

Proper light arrangements

The use of glass for shelves will help to have a proper light arrangement in your bathroom.Keep you curtain lose to make a good light appearance in the bathroom. The installation of light above the shower or nearby the tub will also make your bathroom look spacious. A skylight installation over the sink will also change the look of your bathroom.

Don’t use the swing doors

The inward swinging doors often cut the space of your bathroom. So, it is better to avoid it. You can go a pocket door for  your bathroom at its entrance to save the visual space. Can also go for a sliding door and save the space.

If you need any more innovative ideas to make your bathroom look bigger than don’t forget to contact the team of Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc and implement the strategies immediately.


Bathroom- Make it a Royal Experience

A claiming bath at the end of a day or an exciting bath at the beginning of the day can set an awesome mood for you. But what if you just don’t like to step-in into your bathroom? That can make you miss the most stimulating experience of bath.

You don’t actually have to worry about it. Here is how you can make your bathing experience more royal through remodelling of your bathroom space. The luxury of your bathroom is not going to cost you much. The well-articulated architectural and functional accessories will provide you more personalized bathing experience.

To make you bathroom more personalized you have to check on your own priorities. What you enjoy the most is the question to be asked before deciding the accessories of your bathroom. Some of you may look at bathroom as a place where you can enjoy your shower were for other it is relaxing experiences to soak your body in the bathtub. You can pick the system from below list which is suitable for you:-

Shower– It has many accessories which you can use as per your own choice. The types of shower are dual shower heads, steam shower, handheld showers, large rain shower and body sprays. Just pick one of it and have an interesting experience of the bath.

Tub–  A bubble bath in the tub is very clamming and thus many of you might like to have one in your bathroom. The different types of tubs are also available which can enhance your bathing experiences such as the tub with hydro-thermal massage, chromotherapy, thermotherapy and aromatherapy facilities. Some architectural freestanding tubs are also included in the current bathroom remodelling trends.

Warm Floors– The warm floors are definitely going to work well for you. Warm Wire and Nu-Heat are the different way you can keep your bathroom floors warm. These will get installed in front of the shower so that you will get the experience of warm floors.

So, here you go! The more personalize bathroom remodelling will be implemented, the more you will enjoy your bath. You can contact the team of Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc to get more tips on how to make bathroom remodelling easier, practical and personalized process.


Latest Tile Trends for Royal Look

In our life, we visit many places which actually has some impact on our creativity. Sometimes we like some color trends or looks of any ancient place and decide to replicate it at our own home. Did you come across any of such designs or color combination?

If you are seriously looking for some changes in the interior of your home, then why not to replace with the looks which you actually like? Isn’t it amazing! Indeed, it is, and most importantly, nowadays it’s a new trend in the remodeling world.

Art Nouveau design elements are very popular now, which can recreate the old version of home representation. You can choose the tile color, design, styles and composition to make your home look like an old palace.

The combination often looks rich and royal. Some of the homeowners also prefer the retro designs along with wood grain tiles. There are many options in the design and representation of tiles which includes nature look, classic evoke, contemporary art, pop culture and many more.

The most trending approach of using tile to create an ancient look is getting an entire wall of kitchen tiled in a geometric pattern. It acts as an emulated wallpaper which provides an amazing look to your kitchen.

It is very easy to implement the classic look in your house using the tiles design. You can just take a picture of a place which you want to replicate in your home and show it to the remodeling designing team. Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc team will definitely help you to make your home look like an ancient royal place to stay.

With all the creative efforts and tiles designing by the Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc team, you can redesign your home in no time. Contact the team and get your new palace ready for you!


Basics of Green Remodeling

Green remodeling is not a new term now! It is popular nowadays as people are conscious about environment protection. It is actually a very appreciable step if you are planning to have a green remodeling for your house.

With a trend of green remodeling, many companies came forward to provide such facilities. Thus, while selecting your home remodeler you have to be very careful. As many companies will promise for a green remodeling project, but not actually execute it.

Here are some tips for you created by Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc to keep an eye on your green remodeling project.

  • Keep the design in place which will be useful in the future as well. So, that you can avoid the future remodeling project.
  • It is not necessary to just add new things in your house under remodeling project. You can also go for reconfiguration for proper utilization of space.
  • Ask for low-flow model toilets, so that you can save water.
  • Check for the new designed of tiles which are made up of recycled material.
  • You should use flow reducers on the sinks and shower to prevent wastage of water.
  • Always check the cabinet which you are installing is formaldehyde-free to prevent the toxins released into the environment.
  • A glass countertops are available in the market made up of recycled material. You can replace the granite with these glass countertops.
  • Check the window arrangement properly so that you can take advantage of natural light.
  • Use energy saving lights and appliances to save the electricity. You can check the energy stars on the appliances during purchase to ensure the green remodeling project.
  • Make sure that your remodeler will take care of recycling of the waste material came out during a remodeling project.

So, these are some tips which you can follow to get a green remodeling project. You can contact the team of Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc for the remodeling services.


Best Tiles for your Bathroom

Choosing the tiles for your bathroom is not as easy as there is variety of tiles like stone, ceramic, porcelain, and glass available in the market. You should select a specific color from many beautiful colors and what about the shape? There are different shapes that will attract you.

So keep the below things in mind before choosing a tile.


For which place you need the tiles? Is it on a floor or on the walls? If you are choosing a tile for bathroom walls, you should get glass. But you are selecting a tile for floor, then stone, ceramic, and porcelain are the best options.

Now, you can also get different shades and finish options for a glass. Porcelain is also a good choice as it is strong and resistive to water. Ceramic tiles are water proof and suit the bathroom environment.

If you are looking for a tile that have a natural look, then the natural stone is the perfect option. Make sure that the stones are not porous or else they will damage easily.

If you want to install the tiles yourself, then go or a big sized one as they are easier to place.


How much usage you can get with these tiles? This is the question you have to know first. Some tiles costs high and some are less depending on the long-lasting time. Porcelain is the best tile for high traffic areas.

Tile is rated depending on the level of traffic, 1 for no traffic and 5 for heavy traffic. Porcelain is rated as 4 or 5.

If you don’t have enough money, you can also select mosaic which has small decorative areas on the tile.

Horizon Construction and Remodeling Inc will offer you the best services and helps you to choose the suitable tile for your bathroom walls and floor. Contact the Mark Besnos team to get the best suggestions.


Luxurious Spa at Home-Bathroom Remodeling

Nothing is more relaxing than a spa visit at the end of a hectic day. Many would like to skip the expensive trip and wants to enjoy the affordable spa in cold weather. Then why can’t you make your small bathroom into a home spa?

Horizon Construction and Remodeling Inc can provide you best bathroom remodelling services to convert your bathroom into spa. You can get a private space for a warm bath to avoid stress. You need few elements to create a spa-like environment.


The visual appearance is the key element.

Paint your Walls

Use Nature-inspired colors like brown, gray on your wall as it gives the soothing and spacious feel.


Install dimming bathroom for a romantic bath and dimmer can also control complex circuits and electrical wiring issues.

Faux Wood Tiles

Faux wood tile is ceramic or porcelain tile that gives a look of wood and feels peace and warmth. It also has a higher resistance to water.

Clear Toiletry Clutter

To avoid visual clutter in your bathrooms, put the items like cotton balls and Q-tips in clean glass jars, they just look like decors.


Give spa touch with affordable bath elements.

Deep Soaking Tub

Even though you have a small bathroom, you can enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub. Mark Besnos team will offer a wide variety of scaled-down tubs with small size, but deep enough for soaking.

Massage Shower Head

Massage shower head will be used by you every day and don’t require any extra square footage. If you don’t have enough space, then you can compromise the soaking tub.

Use Heated Towels to Wrap

Warm up your body with heated towels after your shower bath. You can get your towels heated by towel warmers.


Scents are very important for changing the mood. So don’t miss aromatherapy in your luxurious bathroom.


Long soaking bath is really boring sometimes, so you take the company of melody music for your bath meditation.


Take some wine or champagne. You can get a variety of tub trays in the market. Get one.

Horizon Construction and Remodeling Inc will offer you the spa services that are best suitable to your home. Consult Mark Besnos team to turn your small bathroom into a spa.