You too can Have an Industrial Kitchen

Since the recent past, the popularity of industrial kitchens has been on a consistent rise. These kitchens, which use rugged materials like steel, concrete and timber, are more practical and yet do not compromise on aesthetic value. Locations like warehouses, offices, etc, are now being used also as dwelling spaces.

The present-day industrial spaces utilize latest architecture, which is in stark contrast to the scenario of the past. Nowadays, many people who actually do not own an industrial space also prefer to have an industrial kitchen. And, this indeed is quite a challenging task.

But, when the right kinds of concrete, steel, timber and chandeliers, to cite a few, are combined, you will definitely have an excellent industrial kitchen. It is here that Mark Besnos, who owns the Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc, will guide you along with his team.

The modern kitchens of this pattern are a perfect blend of the latest and the conventional materials.

  1. The latest industrial kitchens give a beautiful look to the concrete, blending it with dark cabinetry and timber.
  2. The timber of contemporary industrial kitchens perfectly matches with the other materials used in remodeling of the place.
  3. Marble and stainless steel are nicely combined with various other elements to enhance the appearance of your industrial kitchen.
  4. When white becomes the prominent color of a kitchen, the place looks more spacious and tidy.

The common factor of almost all the industrial kitchens is that, they are fully customized as per the consumer specifications. Also, they are designed to be having both the classic and also the contemporary look. But the question is where to find the professionals who can help you in having an industrial kitchen.

Well, do not be concerned in this regard. All you have to do is to contact the committed team of Horizon Construction & Remodeling, Inc. They will accurately assess your requirement and will ensure that an industrial kitchen with grandeur becomes a part of your home.


White in the Kitchen- Always the Right Choice

Remodeling of your kitchen is in no way less than a challenge. The kitchen is that part of your home where you spend a substantial amount of time along with your family. Hence, it is imperative that you should be very careful while selecting the design and the color scheme.

Although there are several color schemes available, white continues to enjoy the maximum popularity. Let us examine the reasons behind this trend.

  1. Ageless: Any color other than white is a trend that is there on one day, but gets replaced by another color scheme the next day. But white is ageless as it is always suitable for majority of interiors.
  2. Enhanced space: Rooms with white color appear more spacious than what they actually are, and this in fact is a unique feature of white.
  3. Facilitates reselling: When you want to sell your home, white is the color that helps you greatly. White enables the potential purchasers to get the right feel of the ambience within the home. On other hand, brighter colors definitely are not to the liking of many buyers.

However, the white color is not without some drawbacks. In some instances, white can convey to the other party that you lack proper taste, as it is a very common color seen in several kitchens. Likewise, white could also make you interiors look like a medical facility.

But, there are ways in which the look of the white color of your kitchen can be improved:

  • If the right textures are mixed with white, the kitchen will no longer look like a medical setting. Timber accents are among the best textures that perfectly blend with white.
  • When the proper chandelier is used in the kitchen, the white color becomes more beautiful.
  • Similarly, if you choose the suitable splash backs, even the kitchen having simple white color gets a royal appearance.

There is no need for you to get confused about whether or not to choose white. The experts of Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc will renovate your kitchen using your favorite color: White. Also, Mark Besnos and his staff will simultaneously take care that the color in no way looks odd.


Select a Unique and Special Kitchen Floors

The selection of kitchen floor should be unique as it will change the whole look of your kitchen. They are different problems like wear and tear, scratches, spills, and sunlight. So be careful while selecting the kitchen floor materials.


Hardwood is one of the best choices. The beauty and versatility of it will give a different look to your kitchen. There are many varieties in timber, choose the design you like. The Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc will suggest you the perfect and unique floor that lasts long.

Engineered Wood

This wood is a combination of timber veneer over a plywood base. It has a look of solid timber but not expensive and also easier to install but remember it can only be refinished once, so be careful.


Because it is eco-friendly, the popularity is been rising day by day for bamboo flooring. It gives a decent look and it can resist for high moisture.


There are different types of tiles that suit your kitchen floor. There are various colors, shapes, and textures. The designer of Mark Besnos team will help you to choose the perfect one.


Cork is just like hardwood floor and it is also acoustic and allergy-free. So many people prefer a cork, why can’t to make your kitchen floor beautiful and allergy-free by selecting cork floor?


Not one, there are many benefits of Linoleum. It is a natural product that is made from linseed oil and powdered wood. If you want your kitchen floor for more years, opt for linoleum as it is durable.


Vinyl flooring is the affordable option, but the problem with it is seams are weak and moisture can get in easily. However, for its price it is a good option, but if you can spend more, better to opt for another. It is resistant to water and stains.


Concrete gives your floor an urban feel and it is moisture resistant and allergy-free. Are you considering built-in floor heating? Then we suggest buying it.


These floors just look like real timber floors, but they are made from plastic and also they are durable. It can be installed very easily.

You may get confused by so many materials. If you need the help of Mark Besnos team contact the company.


Rustic Kitchen- Guidelines

Are you a person who loves simplicity than anything else? Do you want this simplicity to be seen even in the way you remodel your kitchen? If your answer for both these questions is in the affirmative, a simple-looking rustic kitchen with texture is what that matches your requirement. In this context, there are several key aspects that you need to keep in mind.

  1. Doors: If you want a rustic kitchen, you can opt for doors made from recycled timber, instead of that manufactured from polyurethane. In fact, a simple, rustic kitchen need not have a door at all.
  2. Sliding cloth: A sliding cloth can also be used as an alternative for the door.
  3. Open shelves: Having open shelves where all the items are displayed could also be a feature of this type of kitchen.
  4. Bench tops: A rustic kitchen’s look is enhanced by having bench tops of timber.
  5. Timber ceiling: A ceiling of timber is the perfect choice, when you prefer that your kitchen should be rustic and simple. This ceiling makes the place to have the look of an industrial kitchen
  6. Stools: You now also have access to different types of stools that have been manufactured primarily for a rustic kitchen.

If you want to remodel the place into a rustic kitchen, it is important that you do not make any changes that cannot be reversed. Otherwise, if you have a change of mind in the future and seek to again renovate the kitchen, the task would be rather difficult.

In this regard, you also have the option of having only a partly rustic kitchen where, there will be no problems in changing the interiors later.

The services of highly skilled professionals are required to properly take care of all the above aspects of designing a rustic kitchen. And, these professionals are a part of the team of Mark Besnos. He is the proprietor of Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc, which provides flawless services of kitchen and home remodeling.


Renovation- Which Materials Should I Select for My Kitchen?

There are several materials that are used for kitchen renovation. But here, the key is that the remodeling will fully conform to your requirement only when you select the right materials. You can just go through the brief information about the numerous materials.

  1. Porcelain tiles: Several patterns of porcelain tiles, also called as splash backs, are available in the market coming in different colors and textures. Though glass is being used for the preceding few years, still; the splash backs are gradually regaining their popularity.
  2. UV-resistant veneers: You now have several options when it is the question of choosing UV-resistant veneers for your kitchen. The only drawback of these veneers is that the door material has an edge that is prominently visible against some colors.
  3. Wallpapers: Many households are now using wallpapers as a background to their kitchens enhancing the aesthetic look of the place.
  4. Glass chandeliers: You can also opt for a glass chandelier that provides the lighting aptly matching the look of your kitchen.  In fact, there are now many people who prefer to have these chandeliers in their kitchens.
  5. Concrete color: Colors very much similar to concrete are widely in vogue presently. But, the shortcoming of these colors is that they are not as rugged as real concrete.
  6. Polished concrete floors: Having a concrete floor on the kitchen will be ideal, as cleaning it is very simple. Also, dust does not get accumulated on this floor. The only issue with concrete is that, it could be too hard to be used in kitchen.
  7. Polyurethane doors: The door made from Polyurethane is extremely good-looking having a smooth finish. The fact that the door is without edges has just enhanced its popularity. But, the disadvantage is that it is rather delicate when compared with regular doors.

You are now having an idea about the pros and cons of various materials that are used in kitchen remodeling. You would easily be able to select the ones that address your given need.

However, if you still require guidance, the team of Horizon Construction & Remodeling, Inc team is ready to assist you in selecting the appropriate materials. By utilizing the services of Mark Besnos, you can rest assured that the renovation will greatly enhance the look of your kitchen.


Choose the Right Kitchen Accessories

If you prefer to have a bright, color-filled kitchen without making any permanent changes, there are several accessories effectively addressing your need. In fact, accessories of sky blue color will bring in a serene ambience into your kitchen.

The present-day market has numerous kitchen accessories with the sky blue color, and the following are few of these:

  1. Tapware: You can opt for the sky blue tapware, which definitely will be the center of attraction in your kitchen.
  2. Plates: When you buy blue plates for your kitchen you can display them in wall-cabinets and, the magnificence of the place then gets greatly enhanced.
  3. Tea towels: The modern market also offers tea towels of sky blue shades and they perfectly complement with the other accessories of same color.
  4. Wallpapers: You can include blue wallpaper in your kitchen, as a part of the remodeling work. This totally changes the kitchen giving it a royal look, much to your joy. Presently, several environment-friendly wallpapers are available, too, which also do not compromise on appearance.
  5. Persian rug: Having a sky blue Persian rug definitely makes your kitchen more colorful, though handling it could be quite cumbersome. But, it is a portable rug that can easily be shifted from one place to another.

Apart from the above sky blue accessories, even the following will be key elements of your kitchen.

  • Flowers: Keeping fresh flowers is a wonderful choice to enhance the beauty of your kitchen.
  • Cups and kettles: An extensive range of cups and kettles are now available, which are small and cute additions to the kitchen.
  • Ovens: You can also have a big-sized oven that will easily be noticeable in the kitchen, against the backdrop of other colorful accessories.
  • Toaster: A toaster is something that is almost always found on the table and hence clearly visible to all. Here, just help yourself by taking a toaster that gets mingled with other accessories of your kitchen.
  • Ghost chairs: The ghost chairs are suitable to be used in kitchens of all patterns.

Which of the above accessories are the appropriate ones for your kitchen? Which of them conform to your budget? The professionals of Mark Besnos Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc are ready to provide right answers for that. All you need to do is to contact the team of Mark Besnos.