Choose the Right Table for Your Kitchen

The kitchen remodeling does not end after you finish the project. It gets more exciting after the completion of remodeling project as it’s a time for you to pick accessories for you new kitchen. The dining table is the most important part of the kitchen which provides design flair to the kitchen.

A Vintage Table

If you want to add character and contrast to your kitchen, then go for a vintage table. Generally a vintage table is made up of timber which brings a warmth feeling in the dining area.

The brown colored table will be contrast combination with a white kitchen whereas it will be best match for a colorful kitchen. The vintage table will bring a royal look to your kitchen which seems attractive.

Mix and Match Chairs

A big table with mix and match chair is quite eye-catching and looks amazing in the kitchen. The different combination of chairs and benches add diversity in the space. It provides options to the people of your family with different age to choose the comfortable seating arrangement. Additionally it helps for a better space management in the kitchen.

You can also go for the combination of old and modern chair to increase the charm of your kitchen. The old chair will provide a trendy look whereas the modern chair will represent the change in time and choices.

Energetic Colors

The bright color of the dining table will act a source of energy in your kitchen. You can select the kitchen table while deciding the color of your kitchen cabinet. The team of Horizon construction & Remodeling Inc has created many color combination of kitchen cabinet which you can check on the company’s website.

Just pick the color of the table which is bright such as green or a glass table with the yellow framework. The chair arrangement can also be done in a colorful way to add new energy to your kitchen.

So, choose any of the above kitchen table options to make your kitchen a place with the lovely environment. The right combination will make your kitchen more vibrant and full of excitement.


Design of Galley Kitchen

The design of galley kitchens is considered as easy floor plan and a practical layout. It provides two work surfaces running parallel to each other with an open corridor. The design of galley kitchen has different types like traditional, modern as well as minimal.

In a small apartment, the galley kitchen will provide the maximum space utilization. Here is the types of galley kitchen which you would like to choose for your kitchen.

Traditional Look Galley Kitchens

Traditional look galley kitchens create a warm ambiance. The layout is similar to normal galley kitchen bu the mood is set royal by picking up the traditional textures and look of materials. The classic look is created by the use of dark brown cabinet color with shinny light yellow borders to it. The combination of white and brown is generally used in traditional look galley kitchens.

Modern Look Galley Kitchens

The modern look galley kitchen is very streamlined and provides space for storage. The drawers go in the horizontal lines overhead to the cabinets. This provides a best feeling of symmetry and length matching act. The modern look of the kitchen creates a clean and tidy environment in the home.

Minimal Galley Kitchens

Simplicity is a prime motto of minimal galley kitchen. It is a budget kitchen which provides best storage and work place for you. The material used in this look is bright to create a energy in the kitchen. More space is provided to cabinets and platform is made a bit shorter. You can contact the team of Horizon construction & Remodeling Inc for the best design of minimal galley kitchens.

So, if you want a kitchen in which storage space and working space go hand in hand then galley kitchen is best option for you. Just choose the favorite look of your kitchen and go for it. Have an exciting kitchen remodeling project!


Kitchen Wall Tiles Combination

No matter how big or small your home is, designing and enhancing the interiors of the kitchen can just not go out of the prominence list. The interiors, meaning its walls can be embellished in quite a caparisoned way to entice its spectators. And the walls can be filled with a dyed appearance when one makes a wise choice of putting up the tiles that match its ambiance. Kitchen tiles come in a multitude of colors, shapes, sizes, qualities and weaves.

We, the mark besnos and Horizon construction & Remodeling Inc are here to display up to you a varied, unique, and a glossy picture of the various tiles and their combinations that would appease your kitchen’s appetite. Below are such instances:

Regular Rectangle:

This particular theme for your kitchen tiles will turn out to be extremely hypothetical. This one is a lovely choice. You might feel this choice of yours to be regular and boring. But you can go for this since that can nicely upgrade the look of your cabinetry.

Pop up style:

This light lime colored tiles over the walls of your kitchen can prove to be a real blessing. The look that bounces back is stunning and refreshing.

A Tanned Version:

This version of the tiles can make your kitchen look and seem absolutely carved with finesse. The probable reason behind this can be the white and brown combo of the tiles that are used. Go with this if you like the dark-light fusion.

Voyage Tint:

Your feeling and riposte to this shade of tiles could be mesmerizing. The seemingly light textured hue of yellow feels like it is an amalgamation with light brown. This one is a wonderful color combination that you can opt for.

Brown Enhancer:

The enhancing of brown color’s efficacy can be well proved when you use this tile combination. Brown would seem bountifully sublime with the perfectly balanced shelves and cases to bring out the most stupendous look of a great kitchen.


Plan for Best Kitchen Remodelling Projects

Kitchen Remodelling is not a big job if you have a backup of good planning. The plan of kitchen renovation should be discussed with the contractor before actual beginning of work. As per your budget, you have to list the following things on priority to avoid the disaster while remodelling the kitchen.

The points mentioned below are very simple but often are ignored by the owner. So here some tips which we received from the team of Horizon construction & Remodeling Inc regarding kitchen remodelling projects.

  1. Use of material

You always have to be conscious about the material used for cabinet doors and drawers. These are the components which decide the life of your remodelled kitchen. Use laminated and wood veneer for cabinet interiors and good quality plywood or wood material for cabinet outer region.

  1. Decide about paint or stain

You have to decide the between the stained wood cabinetry or brush-painted cabinets. It depends on the deadline of your project. The stained wood cabinet will ensure the quick delivery of the project.

  1. Decide the height of cabinet

The height of cabinet will decide the whole design of the remodelling project. You have to decide how handy cabinets you want, based on that you can choose the height of the cabinet.

  1. Avoid too much designing

In the process of kitchen remodelling, many homeowners become very innovative to try new designing stuff. With too much of designing you might end up with the kitchen which looks good but horrible to work in it. So try to reduce too much innovation and stick to the utility of your kitchen.

These are the simple four points which you have kept in mind while remodelling your kitchen. The plan will lead to a stylish and workable kitchen for you.


New trend: Wood Look Tile on Walls !!!

If you are considering a home remodeling project, and chances are if you are reading this, you may have mulled over the idea of using wood flooring within some part of your project. Gaining in popularity is the new wood look tile available in ceramic and porcelain. So realistic looking you may have a difficult time differentiating between the two! Now you can capture the beauty of natural hardwood in tile form with detailed grain and realistic knotholes that is resistant to scratches and water. making them versatile to use in any part of the home, even as wall coverings!!! I am seeing this look being used more and more often as stylish backsplash in kitchens, on accent and feature walls throughout the home and yes, even in shower areas! These relatively new wood looking tiles as wall coverings are a far cry from the wood look paneling that I grew up with in the ‘70’s that adorned our bonus room. While I love the appearance of natural wood in the home I need to ask, is this a trend or fad that will date a home in years to come?
With so many options available you can now achieve an elegant modern look or rustic, cottage appeal in any room! The ideas seem endless. It would be ideal for areas where you don’t want to have to wash down walls. You can feature one wall in the master bedroom or tile your entire bathroom from floor to ceiling with the faux wood and bring nature inside. Plank tiles can be placed either in a vertical or horizontal pattern to achieve a desired look while subway tiles can be used as a backsplash in the kitchen. Wainscoting, can be created with the wood looking tiles and used in those areas where you want a seamless finish where the wall and floor meet. This would be great in the bathroom areas.
With all that having been said, some will still insists on having the “real deal” used in their house, I will leave it up to you to decide.


Kitchen Size Need Ample Considerations

It is fun to shop for your kitchen remodeling project. Kitchen appliances and colorful cabinets will attract you! All the varieties available in the market might make you confused. Well, don’t worry here are some tips which will help you to remodel your kitchen in a perfect way. The first thing you should decide while going for the kitchen remodeling project is the size of your kitchen. So, let us understand in detail the role of the size of your kitchen in the success of the kitchen remodeling project.

Plan the Size of Kitchen

The size of the kitchen varies from small, medium and large. The small kitchen is normally suggested when you want to cook just for two members. If you are expecting a new member in your family, then opt for a medium kitchen in well advance.

The medium kitchen is normally treated as the hub of appliances. If you want to use different types of kitchen appliances like microwave, dishwasher, grinder and many more, then medium kitchen is the best option for you. This size of the kitchen is also suitable for people who have 4-5 family members living together.

The largest and biggest kitchen is best fit for people with big family as well as a party host. If you are a frequent party host and like to invite people over lunch or dinner, then make a space for them in your kitchen. The large kitchen is a good place to arrange a get to gather and enjoy the meal with your close one.

Tips to Decide Kitchen Size

Here are some tips shared by a team of Horizon construction & remodelling with us. Follow the tips to plan the size of your kitchen

  • Think 5 years ahead when you are planning for kitchen remodeling.
  • Select the size of the kitchen based on your needs and not just to accommodate the appliances.
  • The size of the kitchen can be adjusted based on the change in view of the kitchen. So, first select the view of kitchen you like and the go for the size selection.

The kitchen remodeling project can change the look of your home. Select the best construction contractor like Horizon construction & remodelling to get a timely completion of your project. Make your kitchen a better place to spend time with your family and friends.